Thursday, 31 January 2008

It's a Blustery Day says Pooh Bear!

Blustery day indeed. The wind has already blown a few plant pots over, and we had hailstones this morning. The cats aren't venturing out too far today, mostly asleep in warm places. What a lovely life..
Going to have a lovely warm scented bath this afternoon, with my book and my candles. Nothing like it, and it certainly beats teaching! Got the church magazine today which pointed out that Easter is very early this year, which probably means an early half term too, possibly in the next week or so. It only seems five minutes since they went back after Christmas too.
Last nights meal turned into a curried Quorn dish with mushrooms. In the end we didn't have any coconut milk so used a jar of Tikka sauce from M&S which was very good actually. We had poppadums and banana with it and was very tasty.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn escallopes,
Carrots with onion seeds,
Baby potatoes possibly sauteed, and a mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Refund...At long last..

Today we went over to Ormskirk to get a bit of fresh air really. Got a bank balance, and lo and behold, I have at last got the refund from Crabtree & Evelyn. About time too, I think a letter now is in order.
Bought a jumper there last week, changed my mind so took it back today, and got another one. Much better style, better colour and £2 cheaper too.
Just been an item on the news about crocuses and daffodils etc that are coming out too soon. We have got some miniature ones in our front and back gardens that are showing their heads. Apparently if there is a frost they will all die off. What a shame...I hope that doesn't happen. They all look gorgeous when they are out, and VT worked so hard putting them all in pots.
Tonight we are having:
Not totally sure really...
Might be Escallopes and potatoes and vegetables...OR
Thai fillets in green that sauce with mushrooms,
4oz rice,
Stir fry vegetables,
Yes I think we will have that actually. Will only work if we have some coconut milk though.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Stay in Day.

Decided to stay in today. Not a very nice day, and actually the rain started to fall at lunchtime quite hard. The cats are fast asleep, and peaceful, and we are just mooching around a bit.
I made a nice German Rye bread loaf this morning, one of the bread mixes we got from Lakeland Ltd., in my order at Christmas. It has turned out beautifully, and I will be interested to see what it looks like when it is cut. I am very impressed with the loaves so far though.
Went to try and sort out my wardrobe this morning, but have decided that it will take at least a day to do that properly. Sorted out a few things for the charity shop though, and some for the recycling bank. Hasn't made much of a dent though.
Tonight we are having:
A mix of fresh and frozen.
Potato Croquettes, with gruyere cheese and rosemary,
Butternut squash and pecan roasts,
Mixed Vegetables, carrot, brocolli and cauliflower,
Hollandaise sauce.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Bits and Pieces

Went into Formby this morning to get the vouchers from the Post Office. These are vouchers for Argos, from the National Shopping Monitor, which we are due for doing the scanning of our Supermarket bills. We have a lot of points, so decided to "cash" some in, intending to buy a Breadmaker in Argos. Ours is really on its last legs, and needs replacing so we might as well get a free one.
Called in at the Nat West bank because we still haven't heard from Crabtree and Evelyn about my refund. It's been long enough now, I can feel a nasty letter coming up!
Then went to M&S to get a few veg , and bits and bobs, didn't spend much in there for a change.
Over to Waitrose, where VT kindly bought me a lovely cup of coffee. A bargain one actually, since they had run out of small glasses..(how can they run out of them?) so we got a large mug for the price of a small one. I love a bargain. We took our own biscuits in too, theirs are so big and expensive. Saves a bit of money anyway.
Tonight we are having:
Garlic Kievs,, vegetarian ones of course.
Baby squashed potatoes,
Cabbage Brocolli and Leek steamed the stir fries with a touch of creme fraiche.
Probably some Cranberry sauce.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Sunday Supplements

I suppose our Sunday Supplements are our crosswords etc., Today we managed to complete them in a remarkably short period of time. Last week was a real problem with one clue that we were really stuck on. The cliven was " A rustic" and that was all. The letters we had were ?o??g? and in the end, getting nowhere we put ROUGH..which turned out to be wrong..the correct answer was HODGE !!!! It is very unusual for us to get one wrong actually so we were a bit annoyed. Ah Well!
The Sourdough bread I made yesterday was really nice, and we had some for our breakfast. It was a bit like a toasted tea-cake, quite fruity with dried cranberries and hazelnuts and walnuts it it.
Going down to watch Dancing on Ice now, I enjoy that. I always used to watch the Ice Skating years ago, and loved the ice dancing. Since I never really managed to get away from the rails myself, I do envy those who can do the tricks etc.
Tonight we are having:
Pizza, tonight with a pizza dough mix rather than a sourdough base.
Home made tomato sauce on the bast though.
Salad with avocado baby tomatoes..pomodorino, cucumber and seeds.

Saturday, 26 January 2008


I do like making Sourdough loaves. I am currently making: A Sourdough Nut Batter bread. It is a fruit type bread which I have not really attempted before, so it is a bit of an experiment. VT was turning his nose up at it but we will see what it turns out like. This one doesn't need kneading, you just mix, beat and put into a loaf tin and rise.
Sourdoughing is very addictive, my starter is in the fridge and needs energising every week, then we usually make Potato and Oatmeal bread which does us for toast, and sandwiches mostly all week.
VT went to Formby Tesco because he had a coupon for free vitamins, but they didn't have any. He came back with plain flour and floor cleaner.
Last time we went to the supermarket I couldn't remember what it was that we had run out of, and it was that. Stupid brain!
Tonight we are having:
Chinese as is our usual for a Saturday night.
Spring Rolls or Goujons,
Stir fry mushroom vegetables,
4oz Egg fried rice,
Sauce..whichever comes to hand when he looks in the cupboard.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Up and At Em as they say!

Up early this morning, well early for us, since we are not usually early risers. Normally we get up at about 9-9.30 depending on whether we have a cup of coffee in bed or not. This morning we got up at 8-15 because I had to go to Thornton clinic at 11-55 for a blood test. This is something to do with some new tablets I am taking, that need a blood test after two weeks of use. So we did our Friday shop early and we took our money to Sainsbury's in Walton this time.Quite quiet today too, but very blowy. Got all our usual things, and a load of impulse buys that catch the eye on the way past them. Anyway we managed to spend £60 God knows what on. Didn't buy anything terribly expensive only two bottles of wine but the amounts stack up.
Cold today...I have one of those bodies that is always permanently cold. VT doesn't feel the cold and thinks I don't move around enough. He is probably right.
Tonight we are having:
A nice curry tonight. it is a Delia Smith recipe,
Curried eggs with Spinach, tomato cachumber. It usus a jar of M&S Tikka Marsala sauce which is fairly mild.
4oz white basmati rice.
Green beans, banana. mango chutney, Poppadum.
I do poppadums in the microwave, no oil or anything, just give them about a minute and they are good to go. I like all the bits you get with a curry that make it interesting.
Funnily enough, one of the worst meals we have ever had as a couple was a trip to an Indian restaurant in Formby for our Silver Wedding meal. It was so greasy..floating in ghee or whatever they used. Horrible. But the recipe I use is lovely.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Using Up Christmas Foods.

I was looking through the freezer and came across some things that were bought for Christmas. I am not really willing to throw these away so are going to use them up bit by bit. Today I am going to use a very nice looking Spinach and Potato gratin from M&S and then try to get the rest gone fairly soon.
We had a lovely simple lunch today, of Covent garden's Tomato and Basil soup with a piece of toasted Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal bread..simple and divine. The sourdough does make gorgeous toast, and is very well worth making.
Haven't done much today really, bits and pieces. Jane rang up for a bit of a chat earlier, and she was telling us about her New York visit. Seems that she went everywhere and did have a really good time.
Tonight we are having:
Spinach and Potato gratin,
Apple and Rosemary sausages,
Peas, carrots and green beans.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Started the day with a list of things to do. Ironing..done..Cleaning kitchen /bathroom/porch/ floor...done..ring for blood test...done...get Crabtree&Evelyn's address..not done..Baths..about to do...
VT is a big list maker. I just muck along, but lists do remind you of what is to be done, and so are useful.
Got a lovely long letter from John and Ann in Australia today. Well the letter comes from Ann actually. She writes a wonderful letter, so interesting. Today's is mainly about their Christmas, and the families. It is hot and dry over there (Australia..Perth) at the moment. Maybe they would like a bit of our rain!
Tonight we are having:
Lamb Grill,
Roasted Vegetables with some baby potatoes done with them.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A real January day today..

Cold and crisp today, and for once not raining! we went to Ormskirk for a bit of fresh air and the fields are really waterlogged. Some of the ditches look like small canals you could sail boats along. Ormskirk was quiet but cold, the wind really blows up the roads there on the hills. Bought some Skin Hair and Teeth pills in Holland and Barratt, 4 small cartons cost less than one big one, silly that. Did a bit of mooching, got a few Yankee Candles in the Hallmark shop to put in the votive holder in the kitchen. They have a gorgeous smell, really not overpowering but there.
Tonight we are having:
Goulash with little meat free balls, Tomatoes, and mushrooms. I do it with smoked paprika, which gives a smoky taste.
4oz of rice and some carrot batons, or green beans.
I have done some Red Sea Starter flakes since someone in the Recipezaar site wants some. These little babies are all over the place now.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Two Day's Worth!

Didn't have time to do a blog yesterday since we had some particularly awkward clues in the crossword so I was left with no time to do it. That is my excuse anyway. Very rainy yesterday, and the fields around here are looking like the Lake District. I don't ever remember them being so waterlogged, with the ditches looking more like rivers! You could go sailing along them.
Supposed to be the most miserable day of the year today, Monday and the 21st of January. I don't feel miserable really, maybe it is just those who have spant up after Christmas!
Yesterday, I made some Sourdough again, we did a big batch of dough, so we could use a third of it for the Pizza. It is a White Potato and Oatmeal loaf, and rose beautifully.
We belong to the National Shopping Monitor, (NSM) and when we go shopping we scan it all in the machine, and then send it off. We then get points which accumulate so now we have 175.678 points. 10.000 points are worth £10 and you can clain vouchers from stores like Argos. So today we have ordered 8 worth £80, and we will get a new Breadmaker. We have nearly worn out the old one, but we have had it for a long time.
We rarely buy bread now, except a small toastie loaf for Rusty!!
The Sourdough is excellent and generally lasts us all week.
Yesterday (Sunday) we had:
Sourdough Pizza with home made tomato sauce,
VT's Pizza mix..pineapple, vegetarian salami, Portobello mushrooms,Goats cheese, Absolutely Gorgeous.
Salad, with avocado, baby golden plum, tomatoes, pomegranite seeds!! cucumber, butterhead lettuce.
Potato salad and Pasta salad.
Monday we are having:
Soft Cheese and Ham style Escallopes,
Baby potatoes
Vegetable selection of choice.
VT has just come in to say that he went down for the coal and nearly got blown over it is so blowy!

Saturday, 19 January 2008

No Word from Naughty Girl,

No sign of the daughter yet. I suppose knowing her she is still catching up on her sleep. She could sleep for England that one.
No post again today, I think that the post on a Saturday is now on hold, we haven't had any on a Sat for about three weeks now, I think they hang on to it until Mondays. Boring day today really. Nothing doing at all, we did the bedding which we generally do every two weeks, it is a palaver trying to get it all in the tumble drier. We really need a bigger one. I get £200 off the government for heating allowance and I am thinking of getting a newer bigger tumble drier with mine. we bought the washing machine last year and I want to get a matching tumbler.
Finished the last of the Bath Cheese for lunch. Every Saturday and Sunday we have Cheeses and Crackers, Olives, Dips and a few things like rice crackers, tortilla chips and pretzels. Nice lunch, it takes ages to put out but a good mix of flavours. The Bath cheese we bought in the Farmer's Market in Bath..£6, then we bought another one in Farringtom Gurney farm shop for £5!! why the difference? no idea. you would expect the cheese from the market to be cheaper wouldn't you?
Tonight we are having:
Chinese. Little Spring Rolls..ASDA were selling the Christmas packs for 50p so those.
Plum and ginger sauce,
Stir Fry vegetables,
4oz Egg fried rice.
Just before going to bed last night we were watching American Idol since there was nothing else on, and there was an amazing bloke on singing a song he made up himself. So catchy it was in my brain this morning as well. Renaldo Lapuz...We are brothers forever. I think it will be a hit. Lovely guy I hope so, he was really hilarious. Well watched on the You Tube.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Rude Awakenings!

Early morning the phone went, this was about 10 to 7. It was lovely daughter Jane, back from New York to say she had got back. Brief conversation and then she said she was going to sleep because she was tired. We turned over to get back to sleep since it was too early to get up, then VT jumped up a few minutes later because little Rusty was being sick! Yuk!! and since she was on top of me at the time this was not good. Went on the quilt so VT took it down for washing, we had a very nice cup of coffee and a cow biscuit then went back to sleep for a bit.
Had to go to Southport to get my hearing aid back from the repairers, so took our Friday money to ASDA. Got quite a few things, well about £60 worth, God knows what we buy!! well one thing was a cat scratching post for Bobby, because the naughty cat picks at, and scratches the furniture. Anyway VT was down on the floor trying to get her to use it, and she seems to be getting the hang. We hope!
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fish fingers!!!
Mushy Peas for VT, I don't like them,
Green beans for me VT doesn't like them!
CHIPS!!! we don't have these often so a treat. But we do weigh them!
A lovely big Portobello Mushroom each.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Up And At Em!!

To start with, I spent ages yesterday typing in my blog, and then went to print it off, and it disappeared!!! REALLY annoying...
Up early this morning because we were going to The Cheshire Oaks. It was quite nice when we set off then it started drizzling when we went through the Mersey Tunnel. Cleared up later though. Didn't buy much today, a very nice blue Cashmere Jumper from the M&S Outlet for £9.99!!!!! really reduced and it's a lovely jumper too. Then got another two sweatshirts from Cotton Traders for £7 each, one for VT and one for me. He bought a few things from the Men's outlet, and that was about all really.
Tonight we are having:
A Cornish Pasty we bought back from Wells. Don't really want them to get freezer burnt so have decided to have them tonight. Hang the calories..

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Books Day..

Very dark and grey change there then, so we decided to go to the library. We had renewed the books but they needed changing, I had a lot of large print books that were largely rubbish, and not worth reading. I have some new ones that I hope are better.
VT forgot his wallet so didn't have his library card..silly boy, so I had to put his on mine. He insisted he only wanted one book!!! normally he gets a bag full!
We then stopped at Crosby for a few bits and pieces,he wanted to get some batteries, and I had a look at farmfoods. It is a really cheap shop actually..3 cans of Lucozade for £1 and 5 cans of Pepsi Max for £1.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta Bake 4oz with a Puy Lentil Sauce,
Asparagus, mushrooms and peas.
Maybe broccoli.

Last night by the way we had a Linda McCartney Pie, and smashed potatoes, with carrot and swede.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Just Another Day...

Monday in fact. Dull and showery, a grey day really. Nipped into crosby to get a few vegetables for the week,so parked in Sainsbury's car park. You can park there free for half an hour, so you just have time to go to the bank for a quick statement, then a race round the supermarket before the time is up. VT won't pay for the parking there and who can blame him....
Got a good selection of veggies, a few things that were half pricee and some small potatoes etc. Just got back before the rain started so we did quite well. Had a nice lunch of the leftover pizza from yesterday, and the salads that remained .
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and Broccoli escallope,
Carrot and Swede 1/2 price from Sainsbury's,
6oz squashed potatoes. I do these by boiling them and then draining and smashing them with a potato masher. Quick to do and a bit more interesting than plain boiled or mashed.
No sign of my refund from crabtree & Evelyn..I feel a strong letter coming on!!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Daughter's E-Mail...Times Square!

Had to spend ages this morning logging on, because the computer was playing up a bit. I downloaded some sort of toolbar from AOL and that meant it had to be re installed etc., which took an age. When I eventually got on properly, I found an e-,mail from lovely daughter. this is quite a relief since we haven't heard from her, and have no idea where they are staying or anything. Anyway it is a lovely view of her and Rachel at Times square sent via Yahoo. So they are safe and sound and look quite happy. Must be exciting for them seeing all the sights.
Rusty has been on my knee while I am doing this, pirring away and looking at the computer. I think she is following the mouse!
Done the Express birthday crossword which is Stephen Hendry..again like last year.
Made a Sourdough Potato and Oatmeal loaf this morning to get the sourdough starter going again, we have been using the bread mixes I ordered from Lakeland. The ones that come from Australia! which seems a bit strange but they are very good. Hope the sourdough turns out well, some of the dough will be used for the pizza tonight.

Tonight we are having:
Home made Pizza with the tomato sauce we made last week.
roast vegetables with maybe some artichokes.
Salad with Avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes, and seeds.
Yummiest meal of the week really.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Get Started!

Attempted to get my starter going last night. it is a while since I have made a loaf with my red sea starter, so I thought that I had better use itfor a loaf. However it is not that bubbly so this morning I dumped all out except 1/2 a cup added a cup of flour and a cup of mineral water and got it going again. Am now waiting to see whether it will bubble up once more. I think it is a matter of time that's all.
Very grey today it is a sort of dull week really, not much going on at the moment, the shops don't have any sales stuff really, but VT did come back with a nice set of Christmas lights he got from a shop in formby. he said the parking was very quiet could have parked anywhere.
Tonight we are having:
Sauce, possibly lemon or maybe ginger,
Stir fried vegetables,
4oz Egg fried rice.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Is it friday Again??

Doesn't the time go quickly? can't believe it is Friday again..
Today we took our money to ASDA for a change. We haven't been there in a while, and I had to take my hearing aid to the repairers the right one has gone bust.So since we were in Southport we did the shop in ASDA.
Not much of a sale there, very little on offer. had a quick look at the clothing but don't buy much there it is not very well made really, always looks a bit cheap and badly fitting.
Had a look in The Range shop too but nothing doing there, VT was looking for some Christmas lights but they didn't have any. The Au Natrele shop didn't have much either so just did the food shop keeping away from the fattening items.
Tonight we are having:
A cheat's dinner. A vegetarian lasagne from ASDA, which looks quite nice actually.
And,a bag of cabbage broccoli and leek from M&S yesterday. I steam this then stir-fry it a bit with a touch of creme fraiche ( the no fat one)

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Rains and Winds..and annoying cats!

Very wet last night, and when we went to formby to the bank the fields were very flooded. Haven't seen them like that for years. Looks like Martin Mere!
Formby is very quiet, lots of parking spaces and all the shops empty. Went into M&S and bought some salads on offer, and amongst other things yet another jar of Cranberry and Clementine sauce. It seems you can't have enough cranberry sauce! mind it was only 80p..
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Escallope, with Goaat Cheese and Cranberry..
Squashed baby new potatoes,
Carrots and peas, OR Broccoli leeks and cabbage.
The annoying cat was Bobby, who kept me awake most of the night. She plonked herself on the end of the bed on top of my feet, and stayed there all night. Consequently it was impossible to move properly so I couldn't get to sleep. Got up eventually at five thirty for a bathroom visit and put my light on when I got back for a read. This disturbed VT who understandably got a bit grumpy. Read a chapter of my cat book then tried to get back to sleep. Trouble was Bobby woke up then and crawled up the bed to stop on my front purring and nudging me.
Can't stop yawning now!!! Sleep well tonight...

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


Door bell went again this morning..VT ran hot foot to the door expecting the delivery of awaited wine case, only to greet the postman with another parcel for Janice next door! VT reckons he is going to get a peaked hat and a clip board ready to do a Concierge service for "Lynton Cottage".
The word "Cottage" has crept into the addresses locally. We live in a very ordinary row of terraced houses, which were all given names when they were built in about 1910 ish. Now when people move in and they have their twee little house signs put on the name has cottage you have Lynton Cottage or Elvden Cottage etc., Daft.. they are very ordinary little terraced houses not cottages..
VT went into Crosby this morning to get some smokeless fuel while I remained in case the wine arrived. he said you could have parked anywhere, quite a difference from before Christmas. He is presently up a pair of stepladders having a look at the bathroom heater which isn't working properly. You put it on and then it goes off in a few minutes not leaving much heat. Good job there are candles in there for the warmth!
Tonight we are having:
A hot-pot or Moussaka..not really sure yet.
it will be layers of vegetables, carrots, swede, parsnip, with 8oz of potato.
Might put Quorn minced beef or Quorn beef style chunks into it, finishing off with the layer of potato slices.
Think I will do the hot-pot since we had a gratin last night which was nice by the way.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Miscellany..Jan. 6th, 7th, and8th..

Sunday 6th Jan..
Had quite a busy day, spent most of the day messing about on the computer, trying to come to terms with a different google search system. Not so easy to deal with so made the usual Sunday crosswords harder and longer to do.
Made a Pizza base which was a tad wet but good enough. Did the usual roast vegetables, added mushrooms and steamed artichokes to the mix.
So Sunday we had:
Pizza with yeast dough, roast vegetables, tomato sauce,
Avocado salad with baby plum tomatoes, potato salad and couscous salad,

Monday 7th Jan,
Had an appointment at Walton Hospital in the afternoon so that just about governed our day. We had an earlier lunch of sandwich, so we could get to the appointment early. Jane rang when we were outside Sainsburys, and said she would ring later.
Kept my date with Mr James(the plastic man) who inspected my tootsies and pronounced them clear for another 6 months, so that is good news. It seems that if you have to have a C then a toe is a good place to have it. Chop the toe off and you are clear. They keep you checked for three years apparently, but twice a year is fine by me.
Monday Night Jane rang back..she is off to New York in the morning, but she was concerned about the size of her bag, Rachel had said that it was too big for the cabin luggage so Jane was worrying as usual. Not organised.
Monday we had:
The left over Pizza, and salad, with the second avocado, and remaining plum tomatoes.

Tuesday 9th January..Up to date.
VT is waiting in today for his parcel, the second box of wine to be delivered from the Sunday Times Wine Club. The box of red arrived on Friday, but no sign of the white. False alarm at lunch time when the bell rang and went running, only to find it was a bunch of flowers for Janice next door! We made a batch of tomato sauce for our pizzas this morning..
3 tins of chopped peeled tomatoes,
I large or 2 small onions chopped finely,
2 tspns bouillon powder, Marigold..
salt and pepper,
a squirt of garlic puree,
tsp sugar
2 tspns Italian Seasoning.
Then long slow simmering..until thick. The whole house smells like an Italian restaurant!. It makes about 6-7 containers with half a cup in each one.Saves a fortune since pizza sauce is about 75p a jar!.
Tonight we are having:
Vegetable mix from Sainsbury's, broccoli, carrot, asparagus and cauliflower.
A sauce possibly savoury white, or onion.
About 6oz of small potatoes. All done like a gratin with a tiny amount of grated cheese over the top.
Broccoli and Cheese Escallope OR a Linda McCartney savoury pie. I will check the calorie value first!
We are now mostly back on the "Healthy Eating Plan" after the Christmas feasting. We have both put on a few pounds so don't want to continue.

Jane has gone offf to New York this morning, flight at 12.15. She said she would e-mail the hotel name but didn't so we have no idea where she will be staying. Hope she has a good time and sees everything she wants to.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Christmas Gone for Another Year!

Like the Queen we here at Woodford Palace have decided to take our decorations down early. Mind you we are only a day early, but Sunday's are generally busy so today was a good day to do it. It takes as long to take them down as it does to put them up, about a good morning really. They do seem to have gone away well though despite VT's grumbling and moaning. We have three trees, all little ones but they all have lights and decorations. Some of them we have had for years and are much loved. Then there are all the other decorations, the door wreaths, the signs and the little ones we have everywhere. The house looks really festive at Christmas, now it just looks bare.
We still have quite a few foodie bits and pieces to go though, they will be eaten as the year goes on. We seem to have an awful lot of Cranberry sauce this year of different types. it's a good job we have it with Quorn.
Tonight we are having:
Yes Chinese... The remaining Mini Spring Rolls,
4oz Egg fried rice,
lemon Peking sauce,
Stir Fry Vegetables.
Why break the habit of years!!

Friday, 4 January 2008

Friday Shopping

Started out quite early for us today. Went into Formby (very quiet..we actually parked opposite the bank!!) to the bank to sign a form about the mistake on the bank statement.The Crabtree &Evelyn one. Nice helpful lady in the bank really sorted things out..AnnPhoenix.
Shall wait to see if I am reimbursed.
Then we took ourselves and our money off to Ormskirk for the Friday shop. Had a bit of a look round the town first. Very quiet too..I wonder if everyone has spent up so staying at home? Noticed the secondary school that we pass are back so we will be going back on our jaunts next week. I feel a lovely cup of coffee at Costa Cheshire Oaks coming on..
I bought a nice skirt in Bon Marche brown with a swirly pattern it goes with the nice white/cream jumper that I bought half price last week. The complete outfir for £14 not bad eh! Jumper£6 and the skirt£8.. I like a bargain. Also got another Yankee Candle a rather large one of the same flavour "Holiday Sage". It is a lovely green colour and a beautiful aroma.. Half price too.. we like bargains..
Then we did the usual weekend shop at Morrisons this time. See..we spread the money about.
Tonight we are having:
Sausages..Red Leicester and onion,
Mashed Old Shetland Black Potatoes.
Gravy and Bisto Yorkshire Puddings from the freezer.
Carrots and peas and anything else that needs using up.
VT actually said I looked a bit slimmer when I tried the new outfit on!!!!! I reckon to have put about 3lbs on which isn't bad considering.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Tidying Up..

Today is a day for putting things straight. First we did the cupboard over the microwave in the kitchen that we use for our coffees, teas and mugs/cups etc. VT bought a really nice lot of green Apilce ware from a charity shop just before Christmas so we needed to make room for it. We therefore cleared out a lot of mugs etc., that we haven't used in a long long time to make room. Now they have a good home.
The Nat West bank also rang about my bank statement. VT had noticed when I received it that Crabtree & Evelyn in Street had charged me twice for some items worth £50.96!! so the nice lady from the bank had sorted it out. I have to go in tomorrow to sign some form and it should be OK, I hope. Good job he noticed it because I wouldn't have.
Had a nice long C&E bath this afternoon with my candles and my book in Patchouli bath gel which is gorgeous.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta Bake with tomato and asparagus and just a few mushrooms and a very small ammount of cheese on top.
Tenderstem Broccoli.

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Quiet Out Today...

Nipped into Formby this morning for a bit of fresh air and to pay some money in the bank for Jane. She said she wanted to buy a new watch in New York so I have sent her some money for that. It was really quiet, everyone spent up after Christmas and New Year I suppose. There were parking places everywhere in Waitrose. What a difference a few days makes.
Went into the animal charity shop to take some books, and spotted a copper/brass coal scuttle that we have had our eye on for a few weeks. It had been priced at £15 which we thought was a bit dear but it had been reduced to £12 so we bought it. VT polished it up this afternoon and it has come up a treat and looks really good lovely and shiny, and worth more than £12. I like a bargain!
Went into Waitrose and had a lovely cup of coffee and bought a very few items. Got some "Old Shetland Black" potatoes which have a bolack skin so we will have them for tea. Also a box of Duchy Originals crackers for half price and some wrapping paper for next year.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn Wild Mushroom Croutes,
Tenderstem Broccoli,
Baked Old Shetland Potatoes.
Last night I opened a jar of brandied peaches and had half of them with some M&S brandied cream. Gorgeous and a REAL treat.
Big weigh in today being Wednesday, and I think we have both put on a few pounds, but back on the healthy eating plan on Monday..
Hey Ho the pounds will go!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year...2008

Happy New Year one and all, and a very prosperous one too.
Jane is off to New York on Jan 8th so I hope she has a good new start to the year.
Had a really quiet start to the year today, finished off the MOS crossword this morning and sent that off, then read the papers after lunch and watched a Hetty Wainthrop! Sad Beggars eh!
VT is still looking after Cat next door, he goes in and feeds it and lets it out and in again later. Poor little thing I hope it isn't too lonely.
Feels strange today, for lunch we had what we usually have on a Saturday and Sunday that is cheese and a variety of crackers and dippy things, so it feels like a Sunday now not a Tuesday.
Tonight we are having:
Our usual finger buffet meal. We have 1/2 on Boxing Day, and 1/2 on New Years Day. We have done this for years now, Jane used to like it, so we have kept up.
Looked at the weather in New York in the paper and apparently it is the same as Manchester so that is a surprise, I was expecting it to be very cold there.
We will be back on our healthy eating plan on Jan 7th or next Monday.