Thursday, 28 February 2013

Feb End!

Nearly another month gone. The first of March tomorrow isn't time flying. Mind Christmas was so odd this year that it is no surprise really.
because it is the last day of the month and we haven't got the luxury of an extra leap year day, we went over the way to the garden centre in Ince to get our free coffee for the month before we lost them. Quite a pleasant day if a touch cold, but the restaurant was fairly busy. Lots of older couples having coffees like us, or meals. Some of them have huge meals, which cost an arm and a leg..there doesn't seem to be any shortage of money round here.  The coffee was nice though, but there isn't a choice like at Dobbies. You can only get a filter one, at dobbies you can have anything you want. Vin always has something different, I tend to have a black one or an Americano.
Card on the mat when we got back from the District nurse to say she had missed me!!! Grrr. The one that came on Tuesday had made a note that I wasn't due again till it wasn't m,y fault, i don't know what they are playing at. Anyway I rang them up and they will come tomorrow.  Then the phone went from the surgery over the road to say that they had the results of a urine sample from the Diabetic clinic, and I had an infection. Did I have any symptoms? No say I , well she said that she wouldn't prescribe antibiotics unless I had so we'll leave that alone.  is there no end to this?  Vin says they will be ringing me up soon for a review!!!!! They do this every year to go over your medications etc., Since I haven't been over there since June I haven't done too bad though!
Tonight we are having:
What we should have had last night
Last night we had
Potatoes in a honey and butter dressing
carrots and broccoli
Cheesey style kievs
bread sauce.
Tonight it will be pasta.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lovely Day!!

A really nice day today, bright sunshine and blue sky but still cold. We had decided that we would go to Dobbies today mainly to get our free coffees before the month ran out, so we did. Cutting it a bit fine, but the problem has been trying to fit everything in between appointments and District nurses visits. No-one is coming till Friday so we are free for a couple of days at least.
Had a bit of a mooch round Dobbies but didn't see anything that I fancied much. Did buy a Damson fruits for cheese, a box of shortbreads and a reduced price waxed cheddar cheese with whisky and stem ginger which sounds nice. Then had our coffees. I had a black and Vin had a latte with ashot of hazelnut. Lovely.  i wanted to get a card for a lad online who has been mugged and has a broken arm and his mobile phone stolen. terrible things people do to each other. He's such a nice boy too.
Called in at Waitrose after on the way home because I wanted to get something from there used the cash machine for the first time in ages. New machine there and the process takes for ever.
Home for lunch, and the cats waiting. At least Rusty was, Bobby just carries on sleeping. She might just lift her head but that is about that.  She is lovely though even if she does hiss a bit!!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake with mushrooms
Garlic bread for  Vin
carrots and beans.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What is it?

That makes yu tired? It wasn't as if we got up early really, but just been tiredish all day. maybe you have good days and bad days. Wasn't doing anything today or going anywhere because the district Nurse was due, so it was a stop in day. Vin went off to Tesco to get the veggies etc for the week, and she came at about 11.40, not ong before he came back.
We had a soup and toast lunch then sat down with a coffee to watch Doctors. Both dozed off like a pair of old pensioners..but like I said to Vin it really doesn't matter. We must have needed the nap.  At least it is better than sitting in the Diabetic clinic waiting area for aeons! What a waste of time that is.  God job it is only once a year!.
I can't think of anything to put today, brain seems to have gone to mush. So short and sweet.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort
A few mushrooms
mixed veggies with a sauce
Sliced and fried potatoes. Done in fry Light.

Monday, 25 February 2013

I Think...

Vin is a bit fed up with moi today. Started early with him having to jump up to answer the door.It was parcel force with a bag for me of the remaining order from Bullens of three boxes. So we had an earlyish breakfast and the doorbell went again with the postman delivering my QVC order and a letter for Vin.
I had an appointment at the Diabetic clinic at 1 O'Clock so had a shower did my make up then  we had a bit of lunch and off we went. the traffic was really light, and we got there at around ten to one. Vin went off to park and I waited..and waited and eventually went in to get my tests done, blood pressure, weight..gone down 9kilos since the same time last year the nursie weighed me twice to make sure!blood test then waited outside some more.
Getting towards 2O'Clock and the Dr who I really don't like called my name. He is a real twerp, doesn't say anything of any consequence and just spends time talking about himself, his blisters etc.,  Said I was at a good weight, keep doing what I've been doing and come back in a year. Total waste of time. It's a huge big centre with a massive waiting area, and very few people in there being attended to. Not a good clinic that one!
On the way back Vin called in at B&Q to look for a cooker hood. They had one on display but none on the shelves! So, went over to Wickes over the road and they had some but not the one we want. Typical british retailing he said and he's right.
Got back home to find a note on the doormat from the District nurse (who wasn't supposed to come today) she had called at 12.28 so left a not and phone number. Rang them back in a few minutes and she is coming tomrrow. They weren't supposed to come today anyway. One day it will be right. Can't complain though they are really good.
Bit of a very bitty day really. Poor Vin he is very patient!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza similar to last night with pineapple, mushroom and cheese
Salad with avocado and baby plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and celery nut salad for Vin.

Friday, 22 February 2013


Quite cold today not snowing or frosty, just feels like it. The District nurse was due today so I thought if they came early we could have gone over the way to the garden centre for our coffee, but it gt to 11.30ish so it was too late. So Vin decided to go to Tescos for the weekend shopping instead of going tomorrow. He had his list we had done, and the nurse came about twenty minutes later.
She was very pleased with the wound did a measure and it has gone down considerably. I asked her how long she thought it would be and she said probably about a month, which is great. They are only coming twice a week now, so there is some free time for us now.
Two weeks since little rusty went to the vets and she is doing brilliantly and her sneezing has gone and her nose has all dried up. Aaah poor little thing she must feel so much better. We have to take her for a blood test one morning for her thyroid levels to be checked but that will have to be next week now.
Otherwise nothing doing today.  jane rang up mid morning, she had got up early to go to get a haircut at the students union, but there was a notice on the door to say they wouldn't be back till 11.30 so she had time to fill. She talked to us for a bit then went for a coffee in the students union bar, which she said was really nice. A latte better than Costa and it was only £1.50 which she said was good. Anyway she rang back later to say she had her haircut and it was £7 so she gave the woman £3 . I pay a lot more than that!! She was going home for a shower then off to work till eleven tonight. Bless her.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onion pasty from Waitrose
 A few green beans..a very few where Vin is concerned!
Rice pudding from waitrose.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What a Load..

A load of ironing that is!! What else? +The bedding was sitting on the chair so had to be done, takes quite a lot of ironing the Egyptian Cotton because it gets very creased, but it is worth it .
Delivery from the healthcare people who I rang the other day so a big box arrived with all sorts.  Must be costing a fortune!! boxes of bags, this time pre cut so Vin doesn't have to sit there with scissors doing a Blue peter job, Wet wipes, dry wipes sprays disposal bags..all manner of bits and pieces. very efficient firm I do have to say.  It really is a whole new ball game this malarkey, and a learning curve, but life is getting better.
Vin spent about half an hour dealing with the rubbish today, seemed to be loads of boxes and bags of things, Plus that naughty little cat spit her tablet out this morning too so he had to do her again. What a little minx! She is so much better, the poor little thing must have felt horrible her fur is back to normal and she is totally free from the nose drips Aaaah!Whatever those antibiotics were they have worked a treat. Well done Mr Vet.,

Spot the cat!!

Tonight we are having:
past which we didn't have last night.
Probably a pasta bake
butternut squash
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nice to Get Out...

With us having a free day today, that is no visits, or deliveries or District nurses coming, we decided to go out. So we went over to Ormskirk. I haven't been over there since May last year!!! before my problems began. Not changed much really, my beloved Bon Marche shop is now a sort of horrible sports type shop where they sell trainers, and sweat shirts, t-shirts and the like. Awful.Apart from that not much changed. We parked  in the little car park in front of M&S food shop, but didn't go in there, and walked through to the Holland and Barratt because we wanted some fishless fingers. They had two packs left, so we bought those, and some beef slices and ham ones (meatfree).  i had a mooch in Superdrug, and Vin had a couple of places to go to so we met up in the front of W.H.Smiths.  i did see a book that I will download on my Kindle in there..Dark Winter..£7.99 to buy 20p to download. i wonder why?
Went back to the car and drove down to Morrisons which is where we usually park, but I didn't fancy the walk just yet. Very busy in there, half term I suppose, so we went for a coffee in their cafe. great coffee, proper yellow cups, and only £1.05. very reasonable. Vin rang me up on my mobile from the queue but I didn't hear it!!!! stupid ears!!! We then did a bit of shopping in the store, got some stock up stuff, and a few things that we hadn't seen before in the Quorn range. I felt quite pleased with myself. That was quite enough for one day though, and a lot more than I have been doing over the last few weeks.
Tonight we are having:
Pasta bake maybe,
Butternut squash to go with it,
Garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Some days in ...

Today was an in day for moi. Couldn't go out because the District Nurse was due, and you don't know what time they are coming. In the event the one that came today came at about 11.40so it would have been too late to go anywhere anyway. Not due again till friday, so maybe go out tomorrow.
Vin took my money off to Waitrose today for a change. He came back with some good veggies etc., so sorted for the week.
Just got a phone call from the stoma bag suppliers who are delivering n thursday, really helpful lady who has sorted me out with everything I need. Great firm and a really nice woman. I do have to say that everyone that I have come into contact with throughout all of this has been terrific, really helpful and considerate. Well done the NHS.
Tonight we are having:
Gruyere cheese escalope,
Mushrooms in a cheesey sauce
Mixed veggies
Beautiful little baby potatoes.

Nice to get my appetite back a bit !!!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Post Op Review....

Up early this morning to go to Aintree for my post-op review appointment. Left at 10.20 and got there around ten fifty so made good time..traffic was light today and the parking not too bad either.
Waited about an hour then went in to see the consultant. Progressing fine really,  and wound and Stoma doing ok. He said that he had removed quite a bit of the colon which was inflamed and causing the trouble, from the diverticulitis. Sent that off for tests but no cancer so that was very good news anyway. I asked him whether the stoma was permanent and he said that was the next stage..leave things to heal and repair for about six months, then he would review it again. I said that I was pleased with the outcome it's certainly made a big difference, coping with the stoma is a walk in the park compared to what I originally went with.Nuff said!
Late leaving there by the time we got back to the car, so wended our way towards home. Too late for a coffee anywhere. We did go home via Maghull though, so I looked in at Bon marche to get some slippers. I am plagued with slippers at the moment, some pairs I have are too loose and fall off my foot so are dangerous, others, even the M&S ones rub the back of my heel and have made it sore so they are no good. Anyway i got two pairs from there, both fit well and were only ten pounds for the two pairs. then nipped along to Superdrug and got some more of my favourite Bourjois nail varnish..light purple..and a biox of touch up roots colouring..dark brown. So pleased with my purchases today. Walked round the hospital corridors ok, and went to a good day today. Funny how you can have good days and bad day last week was horrible, couldn't say why though.Today has been really good.This was me two months ago with horrible hair because it needed a wash!!  Look a lot better now I hope!!
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza with mushrooms and cheese
Potato salad and cous cous salad
Salad with plum tomatoes and avocado

Friday, 15 February 2013

Wouldn't You Know It...

Typical!  Yesterday we were planning to go out, I wanted to do a bit of retail shopping, mainly because I desperately need a new pair of slippers...but I woke up feeling wilted and tired and no energy so we didn't go anywhere.
Today I fancied going out, and really felt up to it, but the District nurse was due to come. Normally they come fairly early so we were thinking of going out afterwards. In the end she came at twelve fifteen/twentyish so by the time she was finished it was too late to go anywhere. Seem to be fated.  So we ended up having a cup of coffee when she had gone.Ah well never mind eh! Sadly getting the coffee I knocked the top of a lovely little sugar bowl that we have had for ages. It had been by the side of the kettlefor years and with us having a quarry tile floor it stood no chance. Shame. I've had a look online but can't find anything. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.
Jane rang up just before lunch to say she hadn't been in yesterday because she had a migraine, she was on a half day today so was on her way to work at Ticketmaster.
Vin didn't go out anywhere of course because he had been expecting to go somewhere with me, so a bit of a wasted day for him too. Sorry Vin XXX Really quiet day otherwise little Rusty is tons better, her little nose is all clear and her tail feels lovely and smooth again. Poor little thing she must have felt horrible. Aaaah Bless.This is her all comfy in their new basket. It's funny with the basket, it's very much first come first served with this. Whoever gets into it first has it for the evening!

Tonight we are having:
Quorn crispy filolets
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi
Tartare sauce to go with.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Feb 14th

St valentines day...we don't tend to celebrate it these days, we did years ago in the flush of youth but I think you grow out of it. i was looking on the Delia site and it appears that many people are the same, seems it's for the young ones.
I wanted to go out to Maghull to get a few things today, and do a bit of shopping, but woke up feeling a tad under the weather. Nothing I can put my finger on, just tired and wilted. Had a look online at the Colostomy site and apparently that is normal, it's early days yet I suppose. Could do with some of Vin's energy though, he puts me to shame!
Little Rusty is a lot better these days, her cold seems to have gone, and she seems a lot brighter. The antibiotics that the vet gave her must be working well. It was a long lasting ne so meant that Vin didn't have to give her another tablet which was good. Anyway it's doing her good.
Vin went off to Tesco quickly this morning to get a few bits. We were running out of Quorn things and we usually hae a stock of those, since clearing out the freezer there is room now which is a good thing, can get stocked up asgain.
Tonight we are having:
Roast potatoes
Carrots and brocolli
Bread sauce.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

No Outing today!!

Well we were going to go out somewhere today because we have a "free" day from the nursies, but...we looked out of the window this morning and thought better of it. it had been snowing overnight, not a lot, just a dusting really, but enough to put us off. So there were things we had to do in the house instead.
We started with the freezer...very had got in a bit of a mess. Things where they shouldn't be, and loads of little bags with bits of bread products in them, so we tidied up the drawers, and the shelves, and Vin got all the ice off the bottom so it is looking much better now. Some things to throw away, but not a huge amount. I did the top of the cooker while he was de-icing the freezer.
Then the doorbell went and it was a District nurse ,no-one was supposed to come today so it was a good job we were in after all. Apparently the one who was here on Monday musn't have put on the computer that I was down for Thursday so she did the dressing anyway, and said someone will come on Friday. I have an appointment on Tuesday at the hospital for a post op review, so will probably only need one more visit next week. The one who came today hadn't been for quite a while and she was really pleased with it, said it had closed up a lot since she saw it last, and no infection. So that's all good news.
The other thing we did today was go on the National Shopping Monitor site to redeem our points. We had around three hundred thousand points which was worth £300 so we got them in Argos vouchers. Now we have to decide what to get!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta of some sort,
Sauce of some sort,
Carrots and broccoli
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Small Outing

Small mini outing today. We went off to the Aintree M&s  this morning, I didn't have any appointments with the District nurses today so we had a free day.
Vin wanted to go to maplins as well because there was a battery that he needed for one of his watches, so we went there first. i sat in the car and waited, maplins really doesn't hold much interest for me..but each to their own eh!
Went to Marks then, i wanted to look at slippers because the ones I am wearing are falling off my feet, and dangerous really, but nothing doing. The only ones they had weren't suitable,so didn't get any joy there. went upstairs for a look at the kitchen dept., because the last time we were there I had seen a really nice little omelette pan for £12.50 that I wanted, but guess what, they didn't have one of those either. Give up!
Ended up in the ittle coffee shop then and sat in the exact same sofa that we did last time!! creatures of habit that we are. :ovely cup of coffee though and worth going for. I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white which he enjoyed.
I do have to say that it is good to be able to go out without having to have bathroom breaks!! so that is a leap forwards.
Fini9shed off in the food hall to get some veggies for the week, a few other itemsbut didn't find the maple syrup that he wanted so that will be a Waitrose job.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort,
Potato croquettes
Mushrooms with a sauce
Mixed veg,

Monday, 11 February 2013

Hanging Around...

One of those mornings today, hanging around waiting for the District nurse to come. Got to coffee time at twelvish so vin rang up and left a message since there was no answer, and it was beginning to look like no-one was coming.  One rang back aboutthree quarters of an hour later to say that the visit would be a bit delayed and one would come before three. I didn't want to keep it any longer really because I thought it was ready for changing. She arrived at about ten to three and did the usual..all a bit different, this one put the packing in a different way from all the others, and said it could probably be left till Thursday. She did say they were understaffed at the momentt so they are probably trying to eke people out a bit. I don't mind anyway,gives us a bit of leeway.
Vin made a beautiful batch of tomato sauce for the pizzas today, he puts all the stuff in the pan then it is left to simmer until it goes thick, which takes ages. So, the house smells of tomato sauce, red apple scented candle and at one point cat food! Mmmm lovely !!
Little Rusty seems to be a bit better after her visit to the vets on Friday. She had a terrible runny nose which must have made her poor little nose very sore, but it seemed to start getting better on Saturday. Today it is a lot better, the long acting antibiotic that the vet gave her on friday must be doing the trick, whatever it was seems to be doing very well (touch wood)It's horrible when there is anything wrong with the cats, but we appear to have turned the corner with this little one. good work from Vin with his t.l.c. and the vet for the right treatment.
Jane just rang up before and we had a bit of a chat, then her phone went beep and that was it, she'd gone. She was in theatre today, but she said it didn't put her off her lunch!.
Tonight we are having:
Leftover pizza, with mushrooms and cheese
Salad with avocado and pepper for vin...not moi.
Potatoe salad for moi and cheesey potato salad for Vin.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Rusty off to the Vets...

The day started with the visit from the District nurse who is very pleased with my healing wound. Since she was the one who caused it..not taking the staples out she can see a big difference. So it shouldn't be too long now, and at least I am going on to Mon, Wed, and Friday next week which is better. Gives us every other day free.
We have been a bit worried about ittle Rusty for a while now. She has had a runny nose, and consequently a sticky tail, so Vin said last night that he would ring the Vets and make an appointment for her, which he did and we took her at three o'clock.  A very nice vet (male don't know his name) examined her very thoroughly and asked us loads of questions and said it was probably chronic sinusitis. Aaah poor little thing. Anyway he gave her an injection of a long lasting anti-biotic and said he wanted to see her in two weeks time. Since she also needs a blood test for the thyroid it would be a good idea to combine the two.  Poor little thing was sick in her basket on the way back, but it is quite a long journey and she was probably stressed. She is such a sweetheart, and you worry when there is something wrong.Trouble is they can't tell you what is wrong like people must be very odd being a vet, I suppose they have to go on what the animals owners say.
Tonight we are having:
Cheese and onin pasties from Waitrose
Green beans and a few mushrooms
Rice puddings from Waitrose.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

In Which Vin Goes to the Dentist...

Vin had an appointment the dentist. he goes once a year and it actually seems like only a few months ago since he last went. It was at 11.15 so I had thought that we could have gone on somewhere afterwards, but he said that he might need a filling and he sometimes had to wait for ages so it wouldn't be worth it. in the event, he did have a filling so his poor mouthwas numb but he was seen early. I stopped at homein case the post came, which it did with a DVD and a parcel, so it was a good job I stayed here.  He didn't have any lunch today because he was waiting for the filling to set, so he had one of my nutrition drinks, (he's welcome).
It is still cold and dark everywhere and just beginning to rain now too, so not a nice day for going out anyway. I did a couple of surveys on the computer, and fiddled around a bit just a bit of a boring day really for moi!
Tonight we are having:
Pasta with butternut squash,
Cheese sauce

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Clearing Up..

A bit of a clear up today. We had to stay in this morning because of the District nurse coming.They are down to every other day now which is better, but the one that came today only came about twelve thirtyish so a little bit late. Usually they are around ten to eleven. Didn't matter though because I did all of the bedding ironig which takes a bit of time, and Vin vacuumed the extension which was badly in need of doing. Problem is, when you are waiting for their visit, you are on pins a bit expecting the bell to go any minute. Vin rang the centre up at twelve because he thought I'd been left off the list again but I hadn't and she came anyway about half an hour later.
No post again today..just what is going on with our post these days? gone are the days when the post used to be on the mat when we got up in the morning. Nowadays you are lucky if you get post by lunchtime! I am waiting for a DVD too from Amazon of the Downton Abbey Christmas special that I am sending to John in place of The best Exotic Marigold  Hotel.
These stoma bags are taking some getting used to, but I am better with them than I was. Find occasionally that they get very "billowy" so I have to "burp" it. Never thought I would ever be doing that I do have to say. Ah well,nothing will ever embarrass me again after all of this lot!!!
Vin has an appointment at the dentist tomorrow so tonighy we are having:
Baked potatoes with cheese.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Chilly today. One of those really manky days when yu just don't want to go out.  We were planning to go over to the Aintree M&S today, but unfortunately last night at about fivish I had a bit of bag trouble so had to get that sorted. Poor Vin who always wakes up when I get up, put the lights on for safety, then he went down to make a coffee while I got myself sorted. The cats were already mooching about so we had a really disturbed night all in all. Consequently, didn't want to go out today  so Vin went off to Waitrose to get some veggies, and we did the bedding so didn't waste the day. He called in at Tesco for a few bits too, and got some petrol. Hasn't bought some for a bit not since the 16th January so his car is doing better.
It is an absolutely horrible day, rain with sleet in it, and cold and dark everywhere, so you have to put lights on all the time.  Good job we stocked up with fuel, coal and logs before Christmas, that is paying off now.
The little cats of course are now fast asleep in their respective baskets after trampling on us at all hours. Typical!!
Tonight we are having:
Escalope of some sort,
Mushroom sauce
Potatoes of some sort
Carrots and beans.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Twas on a Monday Morning...

The gas man came to call, mid morning to be exact, and he came at the same time as the District nurse. Haven't had a visit from them since wednesday although they are supposed to come every other day. One was due to come on friday but no-one did or Sat or Sun, so Vin rang up this morning and loeft a message on their answer phone, and a new one came about twelvish.  The wound is a bit red because it had been left, but she has re dressed it and it's ok now. Due another visit on Wednesday.
Vin has done some clearing up today, going through some of his papers, it isn't a nice day so a good job we weren't going anywhere. maybe tomorrow we can go out somewhere, thinking Ormskirk perhaps, we haven't been there for months. Raining off and on today with some quite wintry showers so it was a good job we weren't going out.
This little madam took over Vin's side of the bed this morning! he went down to make the coffee while i went along to the bathroom, and when we came back she was all snug and cosy in between his pillow and the sheet.  We both tried to move her but she was hissing at us and got very upset. vin said to just leave her so he sat in the cold on the top of the bed. What a minx!!
Hailstoning now! but the weather forecasts have said this week is going to be colder.
Tonight we are having:
pizza from last night,
Salad with tomato and avocado
Potato salad for moi and pasta salad for Vin.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Hares and Rabbits!

Well January has gone and we are now in February. I always think it is quite a dismal month February, nothing much going on except for Valentine's Day which is for young lovers!
Very quiet today here. I huing around waiting for the District Nurse but no-one came so I suppose I have been left off the list for today.Give them a ring sometime someone will probably be out on Monday.
Vin took my money off to Tesco today because we needed quite a few things to top up the store cupboards, fridge etc., He came home with two big bags of shopping cat food is quite an item but at least we are not buying them chicken any more, that was getting to be very expensive, They seem to have got out of the habit of coming down at lunchtime every day to get their chicken fix, and it was getting to the stage where Rusty was leaving most of hers, and it was being wasted. Saves us money as well!
Nice this morning, Vin said it was mild out, but after lunch it started to rain quite heavily and went very dark so the lights went on even mid afternon.
Had a lot of trouble gettin the DVD that I was going to send to John for his birthday, we have sent them "The last tango in Halifax" which  I think they will enjoy, and I had seen The best exotic Marigold hotel but when it came it was only region 2 which isn't any use in Oz., so I had to send it back. I have now ordered the Christmas Downton Abbey the scottish one and will send that instead when it comes.  We haven't watched it yet actually because I was in hospital when it was on, so Vin recorded it. We need to watch it soon. Maybe Saturday night?
Tonight we are having:
Fishless fingers
Tartare sauce
Mushy peas for Vin and a few green beans for moi,
A few chips..200grms between us.