Friday, 6 November 2015

My Goodness! I Actually Went Out !!!!

Yep..Actually got out of the house..was beginning to wonder if I was wever going to get out. Got up earlyish because Vin had rung a nu8mber he had seen in the village shop tahat he had seen some days ago. It was for a bloke who was looki9ng for bikes to be recycled, and it so happens that we have had two bikes in our back yard under plastic for about three years if not lon ger! Well he rang back this morning to say he would come and collect them this morning which he did. Hooray..they have gone and the yard looks a lot tidier now. 
I got a pair of trousers yesterday and Bon Marche sent the wrong leg length sending 27" instead of 29" that I always get. So I decided that we wouldd go to maghull to return them and get a Costa there at the same time. Great parking and in I went to the shop to change them. The lady swapped them straight away for a navy pair of the right length. While I was in the shop I also got a pair of slipper socks for Jane when she is at home and a pack of three pairs with cute little cats on them. Hope she likes them! Went into the card shop next door and got a card for John and Ann, then into the pound bakery next to there to get a pakin that I had seen in the window for £1..Can't BEAT THAT.
Our Costas were lovely. Vin had a gingerbread latte with a sweet little mini gingherbread man, and I had a salted caramel capuccinno which was nice but I wouldn't rave over it..his gingerbread one tasted nicer. We shared a pack of wafer biscuits.
Home for lunch and a parcel to be collected from the village shop which was a wrap I had ordered for the coldeer weather. Then the doorbell went..Amazon with the things i had ordered.. a calendar for Jane and some coffee pods to make up the amount needed for free delivery. So a very successful day today :) :) 
Tomorrow i havee an appoint,ent ay yhr pofistry clinic in Litherland to get my foot dressed.
Hey Ho  !!

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