Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bits And Bobs!!

Today is a day of doing bits and bobs really. Started the day off I with a lovely shower, which is actually quite a palaver because the bathroom has to be got ready, the frame dismantled from around the loo otherwise there isn't any room the bathroom being so tiny. I also have a contraption called a "Limbo" which is used over my bandaged leg to cover it up when in the shower so it doesn't get wet. very clever...but you do have to be a bit careful because it does tend to be a tad slippy on the bath mat. Anyway, job done and  I enjoyed a blissful shower. i have a number of aids in the bathroom, like grab rails over the shower, and by the side of the loo, also a seat over the bath to make getting in and out easier. The occupational therapy girls are great, really helpful.
Then sorted out a drawerful of bras because I had a delivery of two new spare ones from Bon Msrche in a smaller size, my other ones are too big now. trying to find somewhere to send the old very good ones to to recycle them. Have actually been waiting in all day for a delivery from Amazon which was supposed to come today but as of yet hasn't arrived. not sure what time they deliver to though.
Vin has done the bulbs in the barrel at the front of the house this morning, a little bit later than usual but doesn't matter, they will all come up around the same time. 

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