Thursday, 19 November 2015

Hello My Friend.. Nice To Be Here Again :)

Well..back again.. Been a while. Started on August bank holiday Sunday with a with a badly infected toe which required hospital treatment and one thing led to another and seven weeks in hospital!¬!! two weeks in Aintree then removalto the royal in liverpool for removal of said toe, three and aq half weeks including five days in the HDU unit, and finally two weeks in Aintree for two weeks in the rehab ward where they got me on my feet again. Now home for a month and gradually getting mobile again with the help of all the NHS staff and a Zimmer frame a souped up one with wheels called a Delta frame and a ordinary one for inside and upstairs. is great to be home.
Jane has been home for the last three days for HER Christmas!! It was lovely actually. We have all of our trees up, decorations and everything, and we had a Christmas dinner last Tuesday the 18th of November!. She starts her new job on the 1st of December and will be working at Ticketmaster on Christmas so couldn't get home.

Ooo0psw clicked on the wrong was meant to be a pic of the "Christmas" table. never mind I'll get it right one day!. Jane took some greatt pics on her camera, just waiting for her to upload them for us. We took her back to her car which she parked at Aintree while she was here.Visit was a success I think. poor Vin is ready for a rest now, he has worked like a Trojan over the last few weeks getting everything ready. Bless him XXXX

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