Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Out For A Costa!!!

Hooray...out for a Costa coffee this morning, at long last! There was a time in the hosps when I was beginning to wonder if I would ever get there again, but here we are.
Firstly this morning the District nurse arrived to re-do the dressi9ng on my toe and leg. She rang up first to ask where we were in the village and arrived in a few minutes. lovely young girl, very friendly and nice. She did the dressing and when we said that we could get to a treatment clinic she tried to ring them but apparently the phone lines are out of action so she rang back at lunch time. She or someone else will be out on Friday unless we hear otherwise so at least we know where we are. can plan the rest of the week now.
Arriving at Costa tesco looked fairly busy, but got a good parking place near the entrance. went inside with the help of my walking wheels BUT the Costa was heaving..absolutely full so decided to give up and i went back to the car and vin went to get the bits we needed. Back at the car after that he said there was a space then so off we went back again and lo and behold there were loads of free spaces including our favourite table. I had a lovely skinny latte and he had a Grande soya latte with caramel flavour. Gorgeous...NOW I am on the road to recovery :) :) 

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