Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Early Christmas!

this year we had somewhat of an early christmas. Jane is working over the Christmas holiday or some of it anyway so wouldn't be able to get home for a real break. She did have a period in the middle of November she would be able to get home for three days so we had a Christmas then.
it was lovely actually, we put the decorations up, and the lights outside and all of our little bits and bobs . Got her presents and other bits of treats, and we had a great day. Our Christmas dinner was nice this year too. I made a "meat loaf and Vin had bought a linda McCartney celebration roast which he and Jane had. little roast potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce carrots and sweetcorn for V&J
Our pudding was chocolate brownie with thick cream and raspberries for vin and me and ben and Jerry's ice cream for Jane.  Yummy.
Yesterday I should have gone for a podiatry appointment at Aintree but couldn't go becaus  I had a bit of an upset with the colostomy so was bed bound, that appt was cancelled and another made for early in December. 
This is my Christmas present from Jane. A gorgeous little yankee candle snowman with a nightlight in him. Isn't he beautiful..I LOVE him, he just makes me smile. Thankyou JaneXXXX

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