Thursday, 5 November 2015

*I Did Nothing...Vin Bought a Freezer!!

I fully intended to go out today..I really wanted to go and have a loojk at freezers in the shop in Formby, then go for a nice coffee out in the village somewhere, m aybe Cafe Nero...but...
By the time he looked online and rang a coyuple of places up it was getting on for half past eleven so I told ghim to go and buy one then come bck for coffee, therefore I ended up not going anywhere.  So off he went with instructions to buy the Hotpoint one which will be delivered to the shop on Tuesday. At least we will get a freezer for next week. We will then be able to get a bit stocked up for when Jane comes home on the 15th onw.
There was a delivery from Bon marche of some jogging pants but...when I looked at the label the leg length was 227" and I take 29". Grrrr... This means they will have to go back Grrrr. That's a pain, and Vin isn't pleased. He thought I had ordered the wrong size so I had to go online to show him that the website didn't give you an option of leg lengths and it stipulated they were 29" inside leg.
Ah Well!  that was my very boring day today....

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