Friday, 20 November 2015

Definitely Wintry!!!

No appointments today so decided to go out somewhere..ended up in Tesco. We needed a few top up bits and bobs and thought we'd get those then go for a Costa afterwards. I went round with the support of a trolley instead of my wheels, so did a little bit of browsing as well :) Got some things for our Christmas like Christmas cake slices and stollen slices which Vin loves. Also got a few things fr the fridge so I have some items to select from. Make a change from omelettes!
The weather is horrible today, When we came home and were having our lunch it was hailstoning very heavily,Really battering the windows, glad we beat that. Would have been a good day for soup except that we were both full of gingerbread lattees so only wanted a light lunch.
Jane just rang up a little while ago and said it was cold there, but no hail as yet. FB entries from the family in Australia showing bright sunshine and blue skies and lovely beach scenes..seems odd for Christmas weather!.
Cheers to you all in Oz!Wish my hair was like this is so thin nowadays despite all of the vitamins!!!!

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