Tuesday, 31 July 2012


For nearly the end of July it is surprisingly cold i think.Very cool today, has looked like rain all day today but so far only drizzle. Wouldn't like to be on a beach holiday though.Haha. Big ironing day today did all the bedding this morning which is a faff but worth it. I've ordered some new 300count cotton bedding in a Latte colour for a bit of a change really. We have a set in a deep rosy pinkish shade and a purple shade (what else) and fancied a set in another colour. Waiting for them to come now. Bobby and Rusty have taken to their baskets in disgust and having a nice sleep in. Don't blame them either. No gold medals yet for the GB lot, but a Silver for the equestrian team with Zara Phillips in the team. They got their medals from princess Anne bet she was proud. We met mark Phillips once at Gleneagles, we had won a weekend there with a Good Housekeeping magazine comp., and he had an equestrian centre there. he was very nice actually and was reading one of the worse tabloids too. Tonight we are having: Cheese flan from M&S salad with avocado and potato salad. Quick and easy tonight.

Monday, 30 July 2012

In Which Vin has a busy day...

Today vin had a busy day..not me as usual! He had ordered an item from Argos under their scheme where they wil deliver to a store then you go and collect it. very good system free too. So he was going there to the one in kew near to Dobbies..wonder why?It's on a bit of a retail park, so while he was there he went and had a look at smart television boxes that you can buy. he got a lot of information from a chap there who said that things are changing so quickly these days its actually best to wait. Good idea. Then he went to Dobbies on the way back mainly because it was coffee time and he wanted to get his free coffee which he did. A nice latte to takeout and have in the car.All on his own Aaaah! he had to call at tescos on the way back because the avocados that he bought on friday were both bad when we used them yesterday.No way of knowing that they were bad either, they didn't feel over soft or anything. terrible things to buy actually, when you get a good one they are gorgeous, but hit a bad one and they are unusable. Anyhow he got the money backso that was ok, and he got another for tonights tea. All this was followed by a trip to Specsavers in formby to get a pair of his glasses which had very good frames to get reglazed.Then he was home for lunch. What a busy boy!! Got one letter today..from Aintree hospital for an MRI scan. Only trouble is that it is on our wedding anniversary day!! typical. All the days of the year and its that day. i also got a phone call from a Dr at Aintree this morning , something about my Aranesp injections. very unfortunately i couldn't understand him at all, so gave the phone to Vin who tactfully said that I had a hearing aid and had a problem with telephones. Upshot of that was a blood test for which he is sending a form out. Jane rang up before to say she thought they were on double time again because of the Olympics rush.They have been told not to talk about it to anyone, sent a memo. She was laughing..said it was all top secret! Tonight we are having: Pizza with our tomato sauce, mushrooms and mozzarella cheese. Egg and potato salad with avocado. Hope this one is ok. Potato salad for moi and ouzo salad for Vin.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunny for a change!!

What with al of the rubbish weather we ahve had over the last few months, a bit of sun is a bonus. Sunny and blowy enough to hang the washing out today. We tend to do the bedding on a Sunday, it's nice to start the week with lovely clean cotton bedding.Looks nice blowing away on the line.Saves on the tumble drying too! Vin went out to Maghull yesterday and came back with a load of cat food, and other things that we were running out of. Wall to wall Olympics on the box last night, all we have won so far is a silver medal..seems to be slow getting the medals. After all the money that has been spent we need a few more than that. Must admit I'm not terribly interested an much of the events shown, mainly because I don't understand the rules, but I do like the tennis and watched Roger federer yesterday doing ok. Thought the opening ceremony on Friday was terrific, some very good organisation gone on there. Some funny bits, liked the Queen getting involved, and the kids on their bicycles with floaty wingy things, and the lighting of the flame was well done. Loved Maca at the end, didn't like Mr Bean, but I can't stand him, and thought the commentary from the BBC was absolutely dreadful. Wonder what the closing ceremony will be like? Tonight we are having: Pizza with mushrooms, our tomato sauce and emmenthal cheese egg and potato salad with avocado, potato salad for moi and a rice salad for Vin

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fair Enough..

I must admit, when I had the telephone conversation with the Dr yesterday afternoon, and he said that the secretary would contact the gynae consultant I really didn't have much faith in them. thought it would all end yup as another paper exercise andthere it would all stick. However, had a call from the surgery this morning to say that the Dr had had a word with my original lady dr., and they had been in touch with the gynae secretary who had confirmed that no request for an appointment had been made for a referral to the colo clinic. The gp then requested by letter to their secretary and asked for an urgent appointment and i should hear within a week or so. So that's all a bit further on anyway. Must admit I was right fed up yesterday, there didn't seem to be an end to it all, now maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. All systems go for the Olympics opening ceremony tonight.it sounds like it is going to be good with lots of surprises so they say. jane says the tickets some of them were two thousand pounds, good grief you could have a good holiday for that! i wonder who is going to light the final flame? Thought it was quite cool this morning but the sun is out now and it's warmed up a bit, Vin is in the garden brushing the cats. he said that he read on the Tinternet, that cats don't moult they shed. birds moult. cats shed hair throughout the year, but usually more in the warmer summer months. I only know that there is a lot of hair on the carpets!!!! No wonder we needed a cat and dog hair special vecuum. Vin went out to tesco and Waitrose this morning to get our weekend things he had some stuff to get from tesco, and the cats needed their chicken so he went there first. Also we got a coupon from tesco for a free carton of Almond Milk and we know what he is like for freebies so he wanted to get that. loks quite nice actually, made from californian almonds. then he went to Waitrose to get our pasties and other things. he did that in an hour!! Good going eh..well done Vin. Tonight we are having: Cheese and onion pasties from waitrose, baked tomato with cheese Bread and butter pudding for a treat from Waitrose. naughty but nice for a change!!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A bit further...Hmmm...

A bit firther on? hmm I wonder indeed. I had an appointment for a telephone conversation with the Gp at twenty to four this afternoon. fair enough at a quarter to four the phone went and it was another Gp so i went thrugh all the rigmarole of explaining what had happened with my case and that the nurse yesterday said that I needed a GPs referral to the right clinic for an urgent appointment. The dr that I spoke with although quite nice disagreed and said the gynaecology dept needed to be contacted to see why i hadn't been referred. They would contact them and I now have to wait to hear again. Grrr.. It is all really beginning to get me down now. Just hope something gets going somewhere. twas on a Thursday morning the electric meter man came to call. It had transpired that we needed a new electric meter since the last one is ten years old, so the appointment had been made for this afternoon between twelve and five. They came, at a quarter to threee, fitted a new meter, had a mug of coffee and went off all in half an hour. trouble was, all the clocks, timers etc have gone off so all have to be reset. Ah well all done now. Only wish I could have got sorted out as quickly.You don't realise just how many things you have on a timer or clock till the electric goes off. Quite a bit cooler today, a bit sunny but wouldn't say it was warm.
best buy of the summer this year were the three hanging baskets that are up against the wall at the back of the house, and the one at the front also. £5 complete and they have already been up for weeks. Dobbies best this year. Tonight we are having: Escalope with a mushroomy sauce New potatoes sliced and sauteed mixed vegetables.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Budge Up!

Another day in the happy farm! Again... Anyway, this morning I rang up a nurse that I had contact with after the colonoscopy last year in january. She had given me her card so I thought I'd ring for advice. I have been waiting since last week for a letter,but nothing forthcoming so thought I would give her a try. Anyway, I explained the story to her, said that I had already had a six week wait to see the gynaecologist and now seemed to be at the bottom of the pile again. She said she would contact the consultants secretaries to see if there was a referral for an appointment and would ring me back. She did! a very short while later,which was good of her, to say there was nothing on file and no referral had been made. She suggested that I contact my GP again and get her to make a referral for an urgent appointment so rang the surgery and have made an appointment for a telephone consultation tomorrow at twenty to four with the original Dr who actually sent me to the wrong clinic. Sfo it's all budged up a little bit more. At least I'm not sitting at home waiting for a letter which isn't going to come! Vin has been doing some vacuuming this morning and got loads of cat hair from the stair carpet! You wouldn't believe how much cat hair, and the carpet doesn't look that bad at least not to my bleary eyesight! Haha.. He is now in the gardenbrushing little bobby to try and keep the white hair down.Some hope! he does try though. Tonight we are having: pasta with a tomato and basil sauce Mushrooms A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day In...Again..

This is getting so boring now. I've only been out of the house three times since the beginning of june, and they were for essential hospital appointments! Still waiting for the next appointment just hope it won't be long. very warm today, sort of quiet and muggy with little or no breeze. We spent the morning sorting the kitchen, doing the ironing, and cleaning down the quarry tiled floor. what an exciting life we do lead Haha. Roadworks outside the village green this morning with the road closed and signs up Vin says. Still when he got up and looked out of the bedroom window he said car after car was going up to the end of the road that is closed, despite the signs and then having to turn round!!! what Wallies, some people just never learn! At least it's nice for the kids for the holidys, not that you see a lot of kids about these days, they don't seem to go out playing any more like they used to. I spent my childhood on the sandhills behind our house playing with the rest of the children from the village. Not any more, for one thing the sandhills have all been built on, and for another it isn't safe these days. Shame... Tonight we are having: Escalope with a mushroom sauce baby new potatoes squashed and baked Mixed vegetables.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Cat Story..

Vin told me about this at bedtime last night. he had seen it on the AOL news section. It was the story of a cat who had been lost in the Miami Alligaator Alley area of Florida. Apparently the cat's family had been involved in a collision with a SUV and had gone off the road and were badly injured. The cat basket flew out of the van in the impact and the cat had obviously got out. The family and a baby were taken to hospital, and a notice was placed on Facebook and on craigslist about the missing cat, and some animal rescue sites also. Some people from the local area and the animal rescue turned out to look for it, and one couple saw the skid marks of where the van had crashed and there sitting by the side of the road probably for two days was Sammy the cat. The woman called its name softly and put out some food and it came to her, she said it was almost like it had been waiting for them. So the family was reunited with their 12 year old cat. Aaah! not only that, but the woman's wheelchair was destroyed in the crash so the locals bought her a new one. What a nice story to start the day. Renews your faith in humankind really. Quiet day today, Vin went out to Crosby Sainsburys to get quite a big shop since we had run out of things. We needed the veggies for the week also, so the fridge is stocked up again.Did very well and got some things that were on offer too, so he is learning to live outside of the list!!Haha. He is presently in the garden trying to keep Bobby well brushed. It's a bit of an up hill battle though, and she is shedding loads of white hairs everywhere.Must be the late spring moulting season!! Still quite nice today, makes a change from all the rain anyway, but it's gone a bit breezy now still sunny though. Tonight we are having: The other half of the pizza we had last night, Egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and rice salad for Vin..

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tis the Weekend...

Once again the weekend comes round. the start of the summer holidays for the children and six weeks of them having to be occupied by their parents. glad all that is over now for us though, I bet alot of grannies and grandads are being pressed into action by working parents. You see them round the shopping centres and garden centres,looking flustered sometimes. Bet it costs a fortune these days too keeping them occupied. Jane rang up today to say that she has broken her big toe! what a twerp, she was moving things last night and dropped something heavy on it, and it was all swollen this morning, so she went to a drop in centre where they said it was broken. can't do anything, so they've strapped it up, and she says she can't get her shoe on now! What a drama queen..I told her about the big orthopaedic boot that I had to wear for weeks when my toes was bad, horrible thing it was, stuck out like a sore thmb! I hope she washed her feet before she went!! We had a nice afternoon doing the crosswords, like doing them. QWe do the general knowledge type ones, and you actually learn quite a lot from them. beautiful day today, the sun is actually shining and the sky is blue. hope it keeps up for a bit now. The little cats have been out a bit too, bobby is sitting out in the sun as I type this, with vin having his cup of tea..yuk he's welcome! Just seen on the news that bradley Wiggins has won the Tour De france and is the first british man ever to win it too. Well done Wiggo as they call him. local man too from Wigan. Tonight we are having: pizza with extra mushrooms and cheese Egg and potato salad with avocado potato salad for moi and a rice slad for Vin.

Friday, 20 July 2012


The news at the moment is full of a shooting in a town in Colorado, only about 40 miles from the Columbine Highschool shooting of some years ago. Wonder what it is about Colorado. These people were shot while attending a midnight premiere of a batman film. terrible waste of life, I wonder why there is so much evil about? vin took my money off to Waitrose thismorning, he is getting to be a great shopper now, must have trained him well! he got everything on his list except they didn't have any of our pasties for tea..shame, but he got some nice little flans instead. He bought a reduced pack of quorn chicken style fillets sliced for our lunch, and I was pleasantly surprised by these, very tasty actually. We made nice sandwiches with a bit of light mayo, and I put lettuce and tomato in mine and he had a sort of coronation chicken style one. very tasty. Did a bit of online banking this morning, My current account was not looking too bad, so we transferred some money from that into our household account, all done within about a minute. Excellent.You learn all the time with this Internet, certainly like the banking side of it, so easy and quick, even I can do that. Vin is out in the sunshine brushing bobby who is still moulting like mad, fortunately she likes being brushed, and will actually turn over so yu can do both sides. A week to go till the opening ceremony of the games. Wonder how it will go, be interesting to see what happens. they will have a job keeping up with the Chinese one four years ago, just hope the rain keeps off. According to the papers, we are due to have a mini heatwave. Hmmm, we'll see. Tonight we are having: Cheese flans from Waitrose, little weightwatchers ones A baked tomat, Some sliced mushrooms, and a few chips for Vin.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

The day After the Night before...

Oh dear, poor Vin had a bad night last night. He had a glass of wine with our tea or was it two/ followed by a measure of his whisky later in the evening! bad idea!! I think as your body gets older your metabolism changes, because he can't tolerate his wine any more. So he got a bit tipsy which is not like him at all.My birthday and he celebrates it! Charming... So he was up and down to the bathroom quite a bit, and swears this morning that he will not have the evil drink for the next four months Haha... Fine this morning though, no headache nothing, . Spent the morning sorting out appointments, those that you have to ring up for , one is a renal one made for the second of October. hopefully, I should have got the others sortd out by then.I'm not holding my breath though. jane has just rung up on her break, she'd gone to the shop to get some drinks. She has worked 55 hours this week, and due a big pay packet, which she is putting towards her overdraft. The student loan had taken 17 pounds off her, and national insurance 40 odd welcome to the world of the taxpayer. She reckons that next week will be quieter, there isn't any more double time now. Vin is brushing the cats outside. bobby is moulting like mad, and there are clumps of white fur everywhere. it must be terrible having one of those long haired persian cats, they must need a huge amount of brushing.
My flowers are looking gorgeous this morning the lilies are really coming out. Oh i do love my flowers. I wonder how long my Miss orchid will last in flower. The purple one that he bought me for my birthday two years ago lasted three weeks!!! better than a bunch of flowers. Tonight we are having: Cheesey kievs baby boiled potatoes Mixed veg.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

happy Birthday To Me...

happy birthday to me today..getting older by the year eh. Vin has bought me a beautiful orchid plant, quite a large one with two gorgeous stems of white flowers and loads of buds ready to come out.
Looks just beautiful. he went out to get a car wash and a few things from Tesco, and brought me back a really lovely bunch of white roses and lilies. Not the ones with the pollen in the centres they are poisonous to cats, but a lovely deep bluey purpley colour.
You can always please this girl with flowers. Jane phoned up this morning which was nice, and I got a lovely pearl pendant from John and Ann in Australia. Spoiled girl I am. Still having after effects of yesterdays poking and prodding, and a bit down today really, but you just have to get on with it. Just hoping that I'll hear soon. Tonight we are having: macaroni cheese with a little bit of garlic bread for Vin A few mixed veg..green beans and broccoli. And...a cheesecake for a treat!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Well we got there early, we had heard on the radio there was traffic problems at Switch Island so we left in good time. As it happened there wasn't anything much really, so we had to wait around outside for a bit. Saw a nice young registrar, who took all my details, asked me relevant questions and some not so relevant, then did an examination. Followed by.."I'll just have a word with the consultant, who also came in after a bit and did a further examination. Very uncomfortable too I might say. Talk about being out of your comfort zone..I was way out of mine. Anyhow, he said he thought I had been sent to the wrong department, and needed to go to a Mr Scafe for further tests etc., he has referred me for an MRI scan and has given me an appointment to go back to him so I "don't get lost in the system" as he put it. So it's a bit sort of back to square one it seems. There was me, thinking it would be sorted today.. Got home well after lunchtime, but had a quick sandwich and a bit of a breather. Vin then went out to Waitrose to get some veggies etc for the week.Poor man, he must be tired of ferrying me round appointments. God bless him, he never complains about anything. Vin you are a total star. So that's it really, a bit of a damp squib so to speak, just budged up a bit further. more waiting. Tonight we are having: Escalope with a mushroom sauce, or maybe a baked mushroom, Baby new potatoes Mixed veggies.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Dark mornngs..

It's so dark these mornings that we are tending to oversleep, and the cats aren't moving as they usually do to wake us up either. They are normally very good alarm clocks, but not at the moment. It's cold too, we still have our quilt on the bed, which is terrible really.
We haven't even folded it back this summer yet either! I got a letter this morning from john and Ann in Perth Oz., and they are in the middle of their winter. Odd thing is they are having exactly the same temperatures as perth in Scotland and manchester. Vin was saying one of the Olympic athletes was getting off a plane in London this morning, and said "Are these the Winter Olympics?" can't blame them either. John and Ann were saying that they are having some frosty nights when it is quite cold, and they were tending to snuggle up at night with a fire and a dvd., the last one they watched was The last detective a series that was on our screens a good while ago. They seem to get a lot of our television series. I hope they enjoyed "Call the Midwife" I'm sure they did, it was a really good series. Big day tomorrow, so will need to get going fairly earlyish.John and Ann were asking me if I was doing anything special for my birthday.. well..No, not this year,the NHS had other ideas for that this year. Gynae appointment, Ultrasound appt., breast screening appt., what is going on??? maybe you start to fall apart at this age eh?? Pouring down again here, good job we did the washing yesterday. Did a load of bedding ironing this morning, because I won't be able to do it tomorrow, and don't want to do it on Wednesday, so at least that's out of the way. What an exciting life we lead.... Tonight we are having: Leftover pizza from last night. Really nice it was too. One of Vins best. Egg salad with avocado, Potato salad for moi and florida salad for Vin.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bank of Mum and Dad...

Jane rang up this morning on her way to work, she had got there too early because she's left the house earlier because of the expected traffic. She is trying to bump up her hours at the moment, they are still very busy with the Olympics, and are on time and a half or double time, so that's boosting her wage packet quite a bit. She had a problem though, her overdraft at the bank has been reduced, so she'd got petrol at the garage, then went to the cash machine and found she only had twelve pounds so was asking me very nicely for £200 to tide her over her bills next week. So we went online and transferred some money over to her account for her. Poor kid, she is working all hours this week, and she's done so well with her course this year, I'm not having her worrying about finances..life's too short for that. Vin rang her later but she was in work so rung back when she was on a break. Winding her up, I told her I'd put £500 in her bank and that was the whole of old age pension for the month and we'd be living n scraps all month..not. Well you've got to help them out haven't you. Vin went out to crosby after that to get our salad for tonight and some other stuff he needed. At least it was sunny today, and the washing was out on the line for a change. Gone cool again now though, and there is a smell of the sea in the air, which is a bad sign usually round here. Well I'm edging towards my gynae appointment next tuesday, hoping that I can get sorted out a bit then. probably be an operation according to my GP., but we'll see what happens. At least when I go for this one I don't have to go with a full bladder!!! The little cats are a bit like me at the moment, tied to the house, and just going out for a little bit, then coming back inside. Can't blame them really. Tonight we are having: pizza with our tomato sauce and portobello mushrooms Salad with egg and avocado, potato salad for moi and a florida salad for Vin.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Time it was Warming up a Bit.

Still showery and cold today. We are putting lights on everywhere we go, and small electric heaters to warm up the atmosphere a bit. Middle of July..Hah!! Jane has had a day off today, and has rung up about five tomes. She was in Tesco doing her shopping for things she forgot yesterday in ASDA, mind it was ten thirty when she was shopping so it isn't surprising. She is making Kedgerree which I used to make for us, using Quorn pieces instead of the fish. It makes a really nice tea actually, and she said she felt like some "proper" food instead of sandwiches etc., hence the ringing up when she got home, wanting to know what to do with the eggs, and how to boil them!!At least she's trying. Vin took my money off to Tesco this morning, a lot against the grain really because we don't do tesco, but he got a coupon through last week giving ^3 off a forty spend so that's a good deal, also I got coupons off a lot of things we buy so it was'nt to be missed really. i tried to remember what we needed so he could put it in his list, he has to go out with his list, and told him to do a bit more impulse shopping, if he sees something that we could use put it in the trolley. He did really well actually, got everything for the weekend, and some other things as well. Got nearly ten pounds off our shopping with the coupons and special offers so that was good. Yet another two medical appointments came through the letter box today, one for the eye clinic n August, and ne a reminder to ring for a appointment to ring about the nephrology clinic. I wonder if I've suddenly flagged up somewhere.Very strange. Poor Bobby went out this morning..ran straight down to the hut, sat there looking out for a while and ran straight back n again all wet. Good job they have the hut, at least they can sit in that and get a bit of fresh air. Vin is a bit fed up bnt being able to go in the garden, I wonder what is happening to this country.
Do we remember blue skies?? Tonight we are having: Crispy quorn fillets, Chips..200grms Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Where Am I ?

We had our lunch today, and then sat down with our little tiny cup of espresso in the middle room to watch doctors which we record. Watched that then another programme came on and before I knew it I was dropping off. blame the cats, one of them was jumping on the bed at five o'clock this morning which is a tad early really. Woke me up, so went along for a bathroom visit as you do, and then couldn't get back to sleep. So it's probably that. Trouble is I woke up convinced it was tea time and I had to get the tea on as we say up here. Vin was laughing at me, said I'll start dribbling soon!!! Haha very funny.. Quite sunny out today, he's been in the garden doing some weed burning and brushing the cats. They tend to follow him about and love it out there in the sun.
They are both look9ng lovely and sleek now, and he reckns he's got a few balls of hair from them, better off than all over the carpets. Jane rang up at lunchtime on her way to work,she was quite pleased because they are giving time and a half this week because of the Olympics, they are so busy. It's been a good job for her at Ticketmaster, and at least she'll build up a bit of money. Tonight we are having: crispy Quorn fillets, Sliced and fried potaatoes doen in fry light, Mixed vegetables and a little sauce,

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Big day out...

No not really..it was the day of my appointment at the Aintree centre for Women's health..or part of the Aintree Hospital. I had an appointment for an Ultrasound scan,at 1.20. So that took care of the morning really. vin rang the number given to see about parking etc, and was given good directions. i didn't want to walk far because you have to arrive with a full bladder, so in the end he dropped me off outside their door and he went to the multi storey car park. That worked ok, because I walked along to the Ultrasound Dept., and he followed me there. only blip along the way was that I came across a set of automatic doors, and stood like a lemon waiting for them to open. tried pushing them didn't work, then a nice woman came out of a door and showed me the big button that you have to press at the side of the doors..Doh!!! Got there a bit early they were still at lunch so waited for them to open, gave in my letter, then sat down hoping they wouldn't be long. Went in quite quickly actually, and the woman was really nice. Did the first scan and said I would need a further intra-vaginal one done so had to get ready for that. dreading that really, but she was lovely, and put me at my ease. Got that finished and we were off on our way home. Home by 2.0'Clock which is good going. next appointment is next Tuesday for the gynae consultant.Then maybe something will be done. Vin is so lovely, doing all the driving round and about, God bless him..what a total Star. It's a lovely day today actually, a little bit blowy, but very sunny and nice through the glass. www.mag-answers.co.uk in is in the garden doing some straightening up, and weeding. the only trouble with all this rain is that it makes the weeds grow.he has just come up to say hello, and said it's too blowy to get the weed burner going, he'll wait till it calms down a bit. It's the green bin nezxt week, so he likes to get stuff ready for that. Likes to get his council tax money's worth he does!! Tonight we are having: pasta with mushrooms and a tomato and mascarpone sauce, A few veggies to go with, A garlic slice or two for Vin.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Morning Chats...

Every morning Vin brings us a cup of coffee, mine is a little tiny ne and his is a mug full, and we have a chatter about things. this morning he was telling me about the jet stream, and how it is responsible for the weather we are having at the momjent. Apparently it is due to last for some time too. it's certainly not warm as i type this, but there aren't any reports of flooding today anywhere. Sometimes he talks about an item that he has seen on the news while he was waiting for the kettle to boil.Sometimes about someone he has seen out of the window, anything really. it's a nice little companionable chat to start the day. Out tomorrow for an appointment at Aintree for an Ultrasound scan, prior to my appointment at the Gynaecology clinic next week. It will be strange going out after so long stuck in the house. trying to do a bit of my letter to John and Ann this morning, i tend to write my letters in fits and starts,so I can start one about two months before it is finished. I hope their weather is better than ours, even if it is their Winter. It's certainly a funny summer for the little cats, they really haven't been out much, and seem to prefer the indoors for their naps. Bobby is out with vin at the moment though while he is in the garden. He went out to Sainsbury's this morning to get our veggies, because he didn't get any yesterday when he went for his haircut. I wish we could just go into a hairdressers and have a quick trim, instead of the faff of the wash and cut and blow that takes ages. aybe we should all have short back and sides! Tonight we are having: escalope with a mushroom sauce, baby potatoes squashed and baked Mixed vegetables.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Another Monday In!!

Yet another monday in the house, but hopefully on the home stretch now. I have an appointment at Aintree on wednesday at 1.01 for an ultrasound, then an appointment the following Wednesdayin the gynaecology dept., hope something will come of that one anyway. I got a reminder letter for that one today. You get an original appointment letter, then a reminder letter..postage must be costing them a fortune. We seem to be doing hair things this weekend. vin did my root touch up yesterday, and made an excellent job of it too. He went of to the barbers this morning in Formby to get a hair cut, and said it was ten weeks since his last one. Didn't do any supermarkets, do that tomorrow i guess. Jane rang up at lunchtime and one of the things she said was that she needs a haircut and dye her hair again,so it seems that our family is doing hair this week! Not raining today, for a change, quite sunny looking actually, but vin has just come in and said it's quite chilly out, he's mooching about the garden while I have my afternoon stint on the net. next doors continue to put more things in their garden. bearing in mind it's a rented house, I dread to think what would happen n they have to move. now she is festooning lights everywhere,Solar butterflies at the end of the garden now, and a solar bowl in the middle of their table that they haven't used much because of the weather. never mind eh.I'm sure they will one day. Tonight we are having: Last night's pizza, Classic salad they didn't have any egg and potato ones, Avocado pear, Potato salad for moi and florida salad for Vin.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Happy bunny I Am!!

Spent a very pleasant afternoon watching the tennis..gentleman's finals. Andy murray and my lovely Roger Federer. Roger lost the first set, but I knew he would come back, and he did to win by three sets to one. That is his SEVENTH Wimbledon title, equalling the record set by Pete Sampras. Andy murray said he's not bad for 30!!Bear in mind that Andy Murray is 25 and hasn't won a grand slam yet! Pouring with rain now, but was lovely and sunny earlier. It was raining in Wimbledon they put the roof on the Centre Court halfway through the match. Vin went out yesterday and today to have a bit of a wander round, and got some stuff that we needed. Short and sweet today I've run out of time!! Tonight we are having: Pizza with tomato and mushrooms and pineapple egg and potato salad with avocado pear, potato salad for moi and florida salad for Vin.

Friday, 6 July 2012

And Still It rains!!

Woke up this morning a little bit later, mainly due to the fact that it was so dark. Pouring down outside, really wet everywhere. Our new neighbours have filled their garden with stuff which has barely been used at all. i was going to get one of those wooden garden seats with the table attached, a sort of Jack and Jill type, but good job I didn't it would have got very wet. The cats just about go out of the cat flap, run down the garden straight into their hut and sit looking out for a bit. Bobby did this this morning, then came running in soaked in that time. had to be dried with a towel. Watched the Federer Djokovith semi final at lunchtime. Some fantastic tennis, federer winning by three sets to one. Now Andy Murray is playing. Sorry but I can't warm to him at all, find him dour and gruff and doesn't come across well at all. He is playing Wilfred Tsonga who has a very lovely picture of himself in today's Daily Mail. very tasty, with a lovely bum!.3 At the moment he is losing mores the pity. Just keeping an eye on the tennis, don't really want to watch Murray, but the sun seems to be shining there, which is more that it's doing here. Vin went to Waitrose this morning and said it was very wet, and fairly quiet. he did well with the shopping, and got all of the things on the list. It's our nearest shop actually,he got everything we needed and a gew other things, but i do have to say it is an expensive shop. When you look at what you buy from there it never seems very much, you get an awful lot more for your money from ASDA. Boy done well though! and i can't complain at all. jane rung up when he was out, the telephone is right by the computer, and it makes me jump sky high when it rings. She was on her way to work again, had got an extra shift at double time,she is doing four hours, which means she gets paid for eight which she was pleased about. That will help a bit with her money anyway..she says she is always Boracic!! Tonight we are having: Crustless flan from Waitrose, Some baby potatoes squashed and baked, butternut squash.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Has Spring Sprung Again..

Must be the new vacuum cleaner. Vin decided that he would use the old one and wear it out by hoovering up all the cat hair he could see. I live in blissful ignorance of such things.Bobby is the main culprit because with being largely white hers is so noticeable. Rusty fur isn't so noticeable but it's there nevertheless.
He told me to keep out of the way so I did bits elsewhere. Got a letter from the Electric board this morning that our meter needs renewing. Can't remember when the last one was done,Vin says it's done for accuracy. Anyway you ring up for an appointment and that is the 29th july i think it was. Thereabouts anyway. Cancelled the Aranesp delivery since I found another box in the drawer so I would have been overloaded. Good tennis again at lunchtime with serena Williams gettin through to the final. They were talking about her being one of the oldest players to get to the final!! I think she is only around thirty something. poor old woman! Tonight we are having: Something from the freezer with baby new potatoes Butternut squash mashed.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another day!!

Stuck inside, and a week to go until one of my two appointments at Aintree..so getting nearer at last. Poor Vin went out again today to Waitrose to get ur veggies etc., and to get some petrol for the car..£35 worth. Eric Sykes has died today , and Roger Federer won his match in straight sets against some Russian chap. Andy Murray is playing at the moment so it's noisy, don't like it when he is on, and he's horrible to watch. Aintree hospital where I am going next week is in the news at the moment because The Moors Murderer Ian Brady is in there being treated. I hope he is gone by next week, either one way or another. Horrible man..I feel so sorry for poor little Winnie Johnson whose son Keith Bennett still hasn't been found. She has been campaigning all her life since it happened for him totell her where he is but to no avail. Jane has just rung up to say she had been to college to get all her work and her certificate. She finished up with 51 Distinctions 3 Merits and 6 Passes so she is well chuffed and so am I. Well Done Jane XXX Tonight we are having: Pasta with Spinach and Ricotta Sauce Vegetables to go with, maybe butternut squash, A couple of slices of garlic bread for Vin.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Get the iron out!!

big ironing morning this morning. All of the bedding from the weekend, plus clothing that had been hanging around for a bit. It is lovely bedding to iron though, when the creases come out it's smooth and really nice. Don't mind ironing actually, prefer that to vacuuming! vin has been sorting out a lot of his books, he reckons he has lots of old ones he never touches so is getting rid. he was looking at selling some on Amazon but it's a bit of a faff..wonder if it is worth it. we have sold the odd book on there before without any trouble, maybe give it a go. I could do with sorting out my cookery books, I have a lot i don't look at any more, mainly because their printing is too difficult to read now, and they have a nasty habit of putting the words in pastel colours on white paper. Hopeless. Jane rang up at lunchtime, reckons she has a slow puncture, and wanted to know what to do. her spare tyre is at home in their shed!!!! What is the point of that!!! silly girl. if the spare tyre had been in the boot she could have called the AA who would have changed it for her. As it is she is in manchester and leaving work at ten o'clock at night and maybe coming back to a car with a flat tyre!! her dad of course is more than a bit annoyed with her. Young ones..don't they have any sense, and I thought she was such a common sensical girl! Watching the tennis at lunchtime..serena Williams seems to be doing ok, just got through to the last four and the number one and number two seeds are both out so she maybe in with a good chance again. Little cats are still mainly indoors at the moment, seem to prefer being on the bed than out in the fresh air. Tonight we are having: Escalope with broccoli and cheese mixed vegetables with a bit of sauce Potato croquettes.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Cool Again!!

Well here we are in July, and I am sitting here typing this with the little heater on!! It's grey out and spitting with rain a bit. Watching Wimbledon at lunchtime and some of the courts there are closed due to the rain, but roger federer is doing ok. The little cats have both been out and ran straight down the garden and into their hut, and sit there looking gorgeous with their little faces poking out of the hole of it. Not at the same tim I do have to say though!! No way Hose! We won the Lottery on Saturday!! Four numbers up! that is the second time in 18 years of doing them each Wed and Saturday. I know..I know.. you could save all the money you spend on it, but you don't do you, and you just never know!! One day.... Doorbell rang this morning with Vin's Amazon book I ordered for him on Thursday. very quick delivery. He was annoyed that I had bought it for him but I don't care..it's my money, and he buys me flowers. it's called "Midnight in Peking" and looks very interesting.Mine was a pair of earrings that I had ordered from QVC to go with a collar necklace that I already have. Nice set now. Vin went to crosby this morning to get some things for the week. he came back a bit annoyed because he had forgotten his vouchers, he likes getting the money off. i got a tesco set of vouchers in the post this morning. Real Big brother stuff going on there. there are coupons for nearly everything we buy..Horlicks, Millicano coffee, genius bread etc., etc., very creepy the way they do that. Tonight we are having: The remaining pizza from last night, and very god it was too. egg and potato salad with acvocado pasta salad for Vin and potato salad for moi

Sunday, 1 July 2012

hares and Rabbits...Again!

1st of July today but I can't say it feels like it. Sunny but quite cool. Vin went off to Southport again yesterday, mainly to buy our new vacuum cleaner. We belong to a National Shopping Monitor and everything we buy is recorded and we get points for it. We've been in it for years and tend to build up the points and get something decent. Well we actually have around £200 worth of vouchers from Argos and still have the same amount again too. So we decided to get the new vacuum cleaner which is in effect free! it's a Miele cat and Dog vacuum, and looks like it is going to be quite good. It certainly picked up a fair amount of hair on its trial run. he also had his free coffee in Dobbies which is on the way back too, so not a bad outing for him. Today has been the washing day, not really warm enough to sit outside. Short and sweet today, we spent the afternoon doing the crosswords, very pleasant. Tonight we are having: Pizza with our tomato sauce, mushrooms and mozzarella egg and potato salad with avocado Potato salad for moi and a cheese pasta salad for Vin.