Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Best Foot Forward.,

Tootsie day today ! Theappointment was for 9.30 at the netherton Clinic so we had to be up earlyish this morning.
 It was at the Podiatry  (Chiropody) clinic and haven't been there for ages but the Diabetic nursey over at the GPs got me last time I went, and did a referral so I was caught.
Anyway got there on time as always..we are never late for anything actually I hate being late, and parked at the front. Waited only a few minutes and the lady called me through. She took details, explained what she was going to do and gave me a "treatment plan" Oooh posh ! She checked my pulses, tested for feeling (none) and clipped my nails. I did ask whether they did nail varnish as well but they don't unfortunately !! :)  I got my very pair of nail clippers !! not for me to use but to take with me every time I go for a chiropody appointment. She is sending my notes to the Thornton clinic which is great because that is only ten mins from home and to go in about two months. Sorted.
Since we were early we had decided to go over to Aintree to the M&S there to get our veggies for the week. Great parking..it is usually heaving but we parked right outside and were there for 10.15 ish. I had a mooch round the store, and Vin went along to Halfords..he had a card for there he wanted to use up, so he got some screen wash, batteries and some reduced ear phones, so he was pleased. I didn't see anything I wanted to buy except for a little bracelet all shiny but Vin caught me up and said I don't like that so I didn't get it. He's probably right actually, it wasn't very well made. Had a look round upstairs then went for our coffee, very early for us..only around eleven fifteen! I had an Americano and Vin had a flat white. Lovely.  He had seen a pair of trousers for £4.99 which were really nice in Teal, but were too long but he decided to go and get them anyway and turn the hems up. I bought a lippy and that was it for moi.
Downstairs for our veggies, had a good look round it wasn't too busy, then home by about a quarter to one. Nice little trip out really.
Tonight we are having:
Broccoli and cheese escalope
Baby baked potatoes
Mixed vegetables with a hollandaise sauce
Cranberry sauce.

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