Monday, 10 February 2014

Quick Visit..

Off out this morning to Crosby to get our veggies from Sainsbury's for a change. To be honest I'm not that keen on going there because you only get 1/2 hour free parking then you have to pay, which is a bit of a cheek really.So, it means that you have to rush round a buit really, and you don't have time to browse, but if it a quick shop you want it's ok. Well that is what we wanted today really, just the veggies for the week. They do have a decent selection so got enough to last for the rest of the week.
Vin is off to the dentist tomorrow morning at 11 O'Clock so we won't be doing anything then. Poor boy
he will have numb gums for a whie I should think after that. Then he has two more, next week I think.  Coffee at home today, I had a nice Cafe Intenso which is quite a strong black and Vin had a very nice looking Gapuccino with a heart shape on the top. in view of it being Valentine's week.
Little Rusty is looking a lot better at the moment (touch wood) I wonder why we say that?  She seems to be quite perky at the moment, in fact Vin said she was out in the garden with her having a play which is lovely.
I hate it when she is under the weather, and they are very good with her at the vets.

Tonight we are having:
Pizza with mushrooms and extra cheese and pepper for Vin
Green salad with avocado and baby yellow plum tomatoes
Potato salad for moi and celery fruit and nut for Vin.

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