Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Vin and I were talking this morning, and he mentioned that he had seen an article about Wilson keppel and Betty in the paper.  Well he knew that I had seen them at "The Garrick" theatre in Southport many moons ago when I was young, in pantomime with my mother.  So out of interest I googled them online and the Wiki site had quite a bit about them, and Youtube had some videos too. One of them Jack Wilson was born in Liverpool in 1897 I think it was, and emigrated to the USA, then went to Australia and eventually teamed up with keppel to make a music hall act. betty watched in the wings apparently, and turns out there were lots of Betty's. The first one left the act and became a war correspondent. Really interesting bits of information you can get from the tinternet !
We were in today, waiting for Kevin the Sky engineer to arrive, which he did at about twelveish. He said we needed a new Sky dish, the Sky box was fine, but it was too  blowy for him tto go up on the roof...fair enough..and he would ring Sky to arrange another visit. He did and we had another appointment for Friday so just have to hope that the wind settles down before then. Email has followed stating that an engineer will come between 8 and 5 on friday. Vin has a dental appointment on Friday at 11.30 so someone will have to stop in. Guess who?
So in the end it turned out to be quite a busy week, my chiropody yesterday,Sky man today and  another on friday plus a dental appointment.
Tonight we are having:
Pastra with a cheese sauce,
Mushrooms and asparagus
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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