Thursday, 6 February 2014

Nice Change...

Well we did have a bit of a change this morning. I needed one of my loaves for my lunch the gluten free type, we had totally run out, so we were going to Formby to get one.  Vin had a free £5 for the Cafe Nero chain, and there is one in Formby village opposite the Costa coffee shop funnily enough. Also we had bought some potatoes the other day from M&S that smelt terrible when we opened the bag, and still tasted terrible when they were cooked, so he said he'd take them back to the M&S in Formby. I wanted a few things from Superdrug so that was a plan.
We have to stop in tomorrow for the engineer from Sky to fit a new sattelite dish, so off we went to Formby. Parked in the Waitrose car park and walked to the village. Quite quiet actually. I had a mooch in Superdrug and Vin went off to M&S.Met up outside and he had changed them or rather got his money back and I had got my stuff from Superdrug.. Then off to Cafe Nero. He gets the coffees and I find a was really quiet and got a lovely table at the back with a comfortable seat. I had an Americano and he had a Soya milk latte, and we shared a pack of shortbread biscuits. That still left change from the £5 card of about 30p., and he got a card stamped with five stamps so the next two visits you would get a free coffee!!! We are definitely getting the hang of this. The card came from the Daily enter the mumbers on the back of the paper every day and at the weekend and they add up very quickly and you get vouchers. We have a number of Tesco ones that we buy Coasta cards with and this one Cafe Nero one.
After all that we had to go back to M&S to get my loaf because we had forgotten it, then home fairly early.
It was being reported on the news today that William Roache was found Not Guilty of all charges by the jury and totally cleared. Very pleased about that. Never ever thought he was guilty of anything improper, he must be worn out the poor man. One of the wonderful things about the case throughout the three week trial has been the way his family have stuck by him every day walking in to court in a resolute line of family members. I'm really pleased for him.
Tonight we are having:
Mac and cheese with mushrooms
Carrots and asparagus,
A bit of garlic bread for Vin.

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