Friday, 7 February 2014

Well that was a Change..

Normally on a Friday we go out to get our weekend things.  Today was a bit different however.
Started with Vin going off to a dental appointment, he went early for his 11 O'Clock appointment. I stayed here in case the engineer from Sky came to do our new Sky dish. The one the other day..Kevin couldn't do anything because it was too windy and they don't do roofs in the wind. Understandable.  This one was supposed to come between 11.30 and i O'Clock. so I had to stop in in case he came early. Vin rang up about 11.20 all finished and back at his car ready to come home, no sign of Darren the Sky man.
In the event he arrived at a quarter to one,had a look at the problem and said he couldn't put the new dish on the chimney stack where the other one is because it wasn't safe, so we had two was to put it on the front of the house. Absolutely no chance now way Jose as they say..imagine a row of nice little terraced houses and one with a sattelite dish slap bang in the middle of one. Haha ! No thanks. So it was decided that it would go on the back of the house and that's what he did. It is now on a pole over the bathroom and looks fine there. You can't see it really.
Vin had his teeth checked by a dentist he hadn't seen before, a middle aged lady one who is going to replace three fillings, one next week.That will cost about £68 ! but he will get that back from the Medicash to which we both belong. Excellent scheme, you are covered for glasses, dental treatment, stays in hospital etc., and it doesn't cost much to be in it. Well worth it. I joined when I first started teaching with a group school subscription and Vin joined with his work I think.
So tomorrow we will have to go out to get our weekend things, that will make a change since we avoid going out on a Saturday.
Tonight we are having:
CDheese and onion pasties from Waitrose,
carrots for Vin and green beans for moi
Rice pudding from Waitrose.

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