Thursday, 13 February 2014


Absolutely terrible weather last night and afternoon. The wind was howling and gusting and it was unsettling and a bit scary really. nothing has blown over though or down (touch wood)but the windows are covered with a sort of salt spray now.  Still a bit blowy today but has gone down a lot. i wonder what the rest of the month will bring!
I didn't go out today but Vin went off to Formby to get some firewood. He has a source of free timber which is very good for lighting the fire. So he went off mid morning but came back for his coffee though.
There was a hilarious item on the Jeremy Vine show this morning about Waitrose peop,le who go in for free coffees or teas and "lower the tone" of the supermarket. Regular shoppers aren't pleased, they say that people like Tesco shoppers go in for their coffees and so lower the tone of the upmarket shop! So snobby..One man rang up to say that his Waitrose had put a bench in their entrance hall and the older people are sitting there with their coffees and blocking it up. He has to push past with his trolley and keep saying excuse me because they can't hear him!!!!!!! What a prat!!Maybe we will take our Tesco bags to Waitrose tomorrow.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese
Mushroom sauce
Baby potatoes sliced and sauteed
mixed green veggies.

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