Friday, 14 February 2014

More Storms!

Awoke this morning to a not too bad day. it was a bit overcast, but not wet, and a bit of a breeze in the trees outside the bedroom window. Ah But! as the mortning went on it got worse, and became really quite windy.We went off to Tesco this morning, mainly because we had a voucher for £6 off £40..which is a god discount. Whenb we got there it was actually very blowy and you had to hold on to the car door otherwise it would have gone into the next car. Whizzed round quite quickly we had a bit of a list but did see some other things to make up the amount we needed. Including a very naughty box of Green and Blacks small chocolate bars that should have beenm £7 for £2.50. Well you can't turn down a bargain like that. Spotted a few kids running round..bad sign means that it is half term looming!
The sun has just come out now as I am typing this ..What a country! The news on the radio was just reporting that there are 22 high alert flood warnings in place in the country and storm waarnings to come. 16.000 homes without fun for them in this cold weather. yet on the other side of the world it is blazing hot with forest fires in Adelaide..some of them deliberate. What on earth is in the heads of people to do that, causing injury to people and animals and property Beyond me!
Tonight we are having:
Quorn sausage roll
Chips 200 grms
Asparagus and green beans for moi and baked beans for Vin.

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