Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Toothie Pegs!

Today it was Vin who had the appointment, at the dentist.11 O'Clock this morning, so it was up earlyish and he went about ten thirty. He was having a filling done, quite a big one so his mouth would be numbed.
Washing day today as well and change of the bedding, so enough going on today really.
Vin came back after he had been to the dentist, and his mouth was all numb. he said he couldn't drink or eat for an hour and a half, but he would do a coffee for me..Aaaah..what sacrifice. Anyway in the end he made himself a Latte in a mug, let it cool and drank it via a spoon. Aaah ! Bless him. Soup for his lunch and he was alright with that.
Still terrible flooding down South. This time it is round the Thames area, and it is very obvious now that they are getting the help. The pooor people of Somerset haven't had anything done for them, most of what they have done they have done themselves. There was a woman on the Jeremy Vine show this nmorning saying that they have helped themselves really, and she couldn't watch what was going on in the Thames area because all the help seemed to be going to them. Troops everywhere yet the Somerset people had 17 marines for one night !!!! David Cameron is doing his usual shouting thing, and saying that "Now isn't the time to point the finger of blameat anyone" !!! Typical..spin doctor speak.
Said n the news that Shirley Temple had died aged 85, she has had a remarkable career starting when she was three, and getting an Oscar when she was six! gave up at 22 and went into politics, which she did for many years. Quite an icon.
Tonight we are having:
Lemon and black pepper escalope,
Bread sauce,
Potato croquettes or baby potatoes baked
Mixed vegetables.

Just turned round and looked out of the window, to see a massive great hail stones storm blowing in.Absolutely terrible.  What a country..what is going on here and everywhere!!

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