Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Happy Birthday Jane XXXX

Jane is the one on the right at Greens!
Indeed a really really Happy birthday to our smashing jane. She is 31 today. Unfortunately she had to go to the University today for a practical session, and she rang up a bit aago to say that it had left her very confused actually. Too many people  doing things in a different way to each other. She is better when she works on her own, so she isn't sure that she is going tomorrow. 
She was going home via tesco to get some bits for her tea, to eat Crispy creme doughnuts lounge around in her pyjamas play video games and chill out. I said well old people need their naps!!!
We didn't go anywhere today mainly because we were out yesterday. Vin has done a lot of clearing up and we did some washing of bits and pieces, We did sit outside for our coffees this morning, but it was touch and go with the weather being decidedly dodgy a bit sunny and quite blowy. Not your typical August at all. Quite good for drying washing though.
Tonight we are having:
Not sure really, maybe pasta or maybe cottage pie.
Butternut squash,
gravy if the pie or baby potatoes if something else. 

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