Thursday, 7 August 2014

What a Loveely Day Yesterday...

Yesterday we went over to see jane in Manchester. She is off this week so it was a good time to go. We had bits and pieces to take with us so aimed to go just after lunch. She had already booked a table at "Green's" which is Simon Rimmers restaurant in Didsbury not far from where jane lives, and is a fully vegetarian place so plenty of choice for us.
Took us just over an hour to get to hers, we had a tiny hold up in Thornton, but very good time otherwise. Was lovely to see her looking good. Vin took her new doorbell over and fixed that so they at least have a functioning doorbell now, they didn't before.  I gave her the money from the pound coins that I save for her, and a Tesco card that I put money on, and vin gave her a costa card that he had loaded up for her. So, she did quite well yesterday. 
She took us over to the Tesco that she goes to regularly which has a Costa and weall enjoyed a nice Costa together.. I had my Americano, she had a large skinny latte and Vin had a soy milk latte.
Went back to her house and she had a fiddle with a Blackberry that she was giving to Vin, and we enjoyed a chat. Then off to greens for our six o'clock booking.  I was parked inside while they went off to park the car. then the nice waiter lad came and said we could have parked in front. I tried ringing them on the phone, but they had already parked round the corner. \No matter.
Vin and Jane had starters. jane had hummus with flat breads, and vin had Artisan bread and oil and butter. I waited for my main.  Jane had the green's burger which was lovely, came with chips and other bits and bobs, i had leek and goat's cheese tart which was a starter as my main, and Vin had a kedgeree which was a real hit. he really enjoyed that.  I had a pudding which was raspberry custard cheesecake and Vin had sticky toffee pudding which he said was really sweet. but looked lovely. my cheesecake was gorgeous.
Then we went back to janes for coffee. The bill wasn't too bad..around 65 with tips. Not too bad for three.  Staff were very nice, really friendly. 
We set off for home at about 8.30 and were home by an hour later. Made very good time on the way back. Little Rusty was fine, looked like she had been asleep. 
I would love to post some pictures but the thingy isn't working for some reason!!! Grrr.
Today we have stopped in, did a pile of the bedding ironing, The Tassimo order arrived so unpacked that. he is pleased because the Chai latte arrived so he had one for mid morning coffee.
Vin has also sent off the form for jane's log book which seems to have gone awol, so that's another job done.
Tonight we are having:
not sure really, something from the freezer. veggies,
potato croquettes.

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