Friday, 29 August 2014

What a Grey Day !!

Starte4d off grey and dark today. You certai9nly would not think that it was still August. no sign of sun today, more like grey skies and rainy.
We took my money off to Waitrose today. We wanted a few things from there and we could of corse get a free coffee too and the newspaper frree too!. Car park wasn't too bad, but we did find a spot near the front..very puddly though. Pouring down when we got there. Checkouts heaving, and really cold aisles especially where the cold/chilled foods are. Why are they so cold. We got all of our weekend things and some extras, and by that time the queues had gone down and the cafe was quieter, so we went for our coffee. Got a table by the window, but it was really cold, so when vin came over with the coffees we moved to the other side of the cafe. It became clear that the one by the window was just under an air wonder it was cool! Two nice lattes later and then through the checkoutts, much quieter now.
Tonight we are having:
Southern fried escalopes with bread sauce
Broccoli and green beans
Baby new potatoes sliced and fried. 

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