Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New Shower!

Well I tried out the new shower this morning. i do have to report that it is...FANTASTIC!. It not only looks good but it works properly too. terrific shower nozzle, and a really powerful spray. It makes the old one look terrible really. You had forgotten just howpoor the spray was on the old one. So, the YouGov money has gone to a good cause.
getting bits ready for our jane visit today, did the bedding too and it is a really good blowy day for drying outside. Quite a few things to get ready for jane, forms, pound coins money, i save them up for her in little tubes, and there is about a hundred and a bit more now. So that should help her out a bit.
She rang us up earlier, she had been to Gay Bingo  in a club in Manchester last night! Some of the gay lads in her work had been getting her to go, but she has been on placement the day after so couldn't , but she is off this week so went with her housemate and some of the lads. She said it was really good, proper funny. They won a packet of chocolate fingers, a bag of popcorn, a bag of gummy ollies and a Vienetta. I said what did you do with the Vienetta, so she said that it would have melted by the time they got home, so they gave it to some homeless people on their way home. She said they were well pleased, dead excited and set about having a bit of a party. Aaah. What a nice thing to do.
Tonight we are having:
gruyere cheese escalope
carrots and beans
Potato croquettes
Sauce of some sort.

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