Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wow!! bThat Was Quick....

Well it was the quickest ever! 
We had decided to go over to Aintree hospital for my blood test today, getting up earlier and to get there in reasonable time, then go to the M&S complex site after that. So we were there about ten forty fivish. Vin parked his car outside the front in the drop off point..you can have twenty minutes there and we went up to the first floor where the blood tests are done. We walked round into the waiting room for the clinics and it was quiet..really quiet. Went round the corner to the blood test sect6ion, and no-one there!! Huh!! Don't usuallly get that. Pulled out the ticket and the voice said from inside  "Come in" In and out in five minutes! back down to the car, and off over to M&S a bit of a detour because the road we normally use was diverted. Had a nice mooch about while Vin went to have a look in Halfords. Didn't see anything that I fancied though apart from a lippy and some eye shadow. So, we went for our coffee. 2 Americanos and a really nice shortbread a good table and a bit of people watching.
Vin bought a pair of slippers that he had seen reduced, and then off to the Food section for our veggies. They do have good veggies there in M&S,Quite a few offers and then a bit of a look round for treat things that we don't normally buy. Bought a fair amount of stuff then back to the car and home. An enjoyable morning actually, and a lovely journey in his great new car. Thanks Vin XXX No little Bobby to greet us when we get home now though..do miss her.

Tonight we are having:
Cheese and broccoli escalope
baby new potatoes
carrots and broccoli
cheese sauce.

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