Monday, 11 August 2014

Blown Away...

Hurricane bertha..seems to have hit the coast. not too bad here though, Very blowy yesterday and Saturday, still breezy today but bright so very sunny. 
We went over to maghull today. I had a jumper to take back to B&Ms it was a sequin cardigan but when it came it proved to be too blingy even for me, so i took it back this morning. We parked in the square, and I got my refund. vin went off to the bank to pay a cheque in for me and the coins for Jane, then he caught me up back in Superdrug. I got a couple of things there and then we went off to Costa for our coffee this morning. It was actually quite busy, I didn't think it would be being monday but there were lots of kids with parents etc., in there. We found a table by the window but while Vin was getting the coffes I thought it was a bit bright for me so moved to the far wall which was darker. Sat down there for a bit and Vin came over with the drinks. Then two girls moved from the sofa where we usually go so we moved over there. Must have looked like we were playing musival Costa chairs!  I had a lovely Americano and Vin had a milk latte instead of a Soy milk one. Very nice though. Noisy with kids though, be better when they go back to school!!!
Jane rang up bedfore she was going to the dentist for a checfk up and hygenist visit. She needs a tooth done for £56 and has booked that for Sept. She said she was off to buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts because they do an offer on a Monday, and she found a £20 on Sunday night in the car park!!!!
Tonight we are having:
Pizza with cheese and mushroom, and peppers on Vins bit!
green salad with baby plum tomatoes and avocado
Noodle salad for Vin.
This is jane's new car. Looking good.

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