Friday, 1 August 2014

Costa calls....

Well it was a case of using up the vouchers today, and the lure of a costa helps too of course.
Since it was tipping down with rain this morning it was a quick tesco visit. Fairly fast whizz round the shopping armed with the vouchers etc.,Got eerything we needed today plus a box of Ferrero Rochers with our £4 coupon, nice little treats for the Saturday and Sunday after our lunch! Well we don't have too many sweets!
Then it was a Costa time. I wish I had shares in that firm. They have really caught on in this country. They are a lovely place to sit a while and enjoy a coffee though, and you know you are going to get the same coffee at a good standard every one you go into. Quite quiet today actually, that surprised me but maybe the costs are too high if you have kids as well.  Well that is their first week of the summer holidays over, only five more to go!
Vin got petrol on the way out, he had a coupon for 7p off a litre so he got about £30 worth  of my dosh. I always buy the petrol..well it's only fair because he travels everywhere I want to go and doesn't grumble.
Got my order from BM this morning..both sale items on free P&P so worth a chance. One is a jumper/top which is nice and I am keeping, the other is a cardigan which is way too blingy even for me, so I think we will be going to Maghull again sometime soonish. Ooops!!
Tonight we are having:P
Fish fingers without the fish!
Chips 200 grms
Mushy peas for Vin and green beans for moi.

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