Friday, 15 August 2014

Funny Friday...

Well it is a bit of a funny Friday. Vin  said that since I wasn't eating a lot at the mment it wasn't worth going to tesco for weekend things so he didn't want to go and he didn't. No matter, the freezer is full and we can live off that for ages anyway.
He had seen in the parish magazine that there was an exhibition in the C of E church about the First World War and he wanted to go and see it. So off he went. He came back ages later to collect some thin gs he had and took them back. he said it was really interesting and there was a very interesting guy there who told him lots about the war and things that he didn't know. When he came back we had our morning coffee outside in the sunshine under a blue sky with lots of planes going overhead. very noticeable today too, Vin could even see what type of planes some of them were.
We got to talking about the exhibition and he was telling me different things about it and chatted about my Uncle james Latham who was in the war, and was killed by an accident just after the war had ended. He looked it up in his computer and found all sorts of information. One bit I didn't know was that he had won the Military medal for bravery in the war, and also that he is buried in Little Crosby churchyard  with other members of his family.  Mum never really talked about him much well not at all really and I didn't ask because you just didn't talk about those things. Vin is very good at finding things out so I think he will keep digging. 
Tonight we are having:
Not sure..something from the freezer anyway.
Potato croquettes
Any veg left over.

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