Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Out Again..

Today dawned with a not very nice rainy flourish. Pouring down then sunny. Decided not to do the bedding mainly because it couldn't be hung out, leave it till tomorrow see if it is better.
So, off to Tesco's for us eventually. Postman arrived wioth two mail order parcels for me, then the courier lady who Vin knows by name to take two parcels to be returned by next door neighbour. Vin reckons he is going to let himself out as a personal concierge service. Good plan. between cat minding and parcel minding he is halfway there. 
Anyway off to Tesco for some stuff for the week. Very quiet in there, hardly any children, i think most of Formby must be on their summer holiday. Loads of space in the car park, and the aisles extremely quiet. lovely. Wish it was like that all of the time. Got round quickly and then went for a Costa. i had my Americano and Vin had a caramelly which looked lovely. We shared half of a bag of shortbreads and then only noticed when I went to put them in my bag that there was one short! Diddled. We only had seven instead of eight. Funny how annoyed you get with that. Not that you could do anything about it you can hardly take half a bag back! AQh well,saves a few calories!
Home for about oneish, and I tried my mail order things on. Excellent, won't be sending any of those back. One is a new firm Boden who seem very good. It was only a tee shirt but a lovely proper scoop neck in a purple. Suits me. the other is a jacket/cardigan from M&S arrived very quickly, and is beaautiful.Pockets too.
Tonight we are having:
Escalope with gruyere cheese or lemon and black pepper
A few baby potatoes
carrots and broccoli.
bread sauce.

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