Thursday, 9 October 2014

All Change!

Vin thinks that I nly order things from Bon Marche online so that I can go to Maghull and change them, and get a Costa coffee while we are there. Not true..well not exactly,but it does make it more pleasant!
I had bought a new fleece jacket which is nice and am keeping and also a top which is a bit thin and see through, so decided to take that back.It was raining this morning when we were having our breakfast, but then started to clear up so off we went over to Maghull. I don't think that Vin minds going there because he goes in some of the baargain shops and i can go in the Superdrug and the Bon Marche. Changed the top for a nice soft touch jumper which is better for this weather now, in a very nice purple colour. As usual!! Got my stuff in Superdrug, and Vin got his bits in Home and Bargains, then he put them back in the car, and we went round the corner to Costa. Luckily our sofa at the end of the shop was free so he parked me there and he went off to get the coffees. I had a lovely Americano with the new limited edition coffee and he had a Caramello, and we shared half a pack of little shortbread biscuits. We had a really pleasant half hour or so people watching and chatting, then he went next door to the card shop to see if they had any tea lights. He's having a bit of a problem getting decent ones these days. Most of them are cheapish and don't burn very well or for long enough. Must keep my eyes out for some decent ones online.
He called in at the garden centre to see ifthey had any bench covers in yet but they didn't. Why is it that you can never buy what you want at the right time of the year?? Pain. maybe he will find one online.
Tonight we are having:
Quorn fillets in white wine and cream sauce
Baby carrots and butternut squash and broccoli 
Mushrooms for Vin,
Baby potatoes, peeled and squashed,

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