Monday, 20 October 2014

Enforced Absence...

Been away since about Wednesday because of another blocking of the gastric bits. Getting to be a bit of a pain in more ways than one. Ah well these things are sent to try us. Poor Vin has been wearing the stairs out again tending to my needs. What a sar! Between me and Rusty he certainly has his hands full. Thanks my lovely. XXXX
Quiet weekend, Jane is innundated with work, keeps ringing up usually on her way to and back from work at Ticketmaster. She is off to see Lady Gaga tomorrow night in Manchester so I really hope it's a good night for her.She deserves a treat. The rhyme Monday's child is definitely true for her. Saturday's child works hard for a living and she certainly does that in spades.  I wonder if Vin was born on a Saturday too. Might try to find out on the google sometime.
Little Rusty is doing ok., Vin keeps her going, and her eye and nose cleaned so that must make her feel better.
Tonight we are having:
Whatever anyone feels like. I think Vin will possibly have his pizza because he has a nice half pack of salad left, and I might have a poached egg again.

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