Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Blowy here!

Certainly is blowy here today. Aftermath of some hurricane today and tonight. Gonzales I believe. terrible weather all morning, but sunny. However, it is now absolutely pouring down with rain and looks very nasty. Vin has been out quite a few times already fastening the plastic and the cover to the bench down because it keeps blowing up. 
He went off to Tesco this morning to get some stocks in. A lot of cat food, cat litter and of course a few things for the humans in the house. 
he did ring me up from there and the wind was terrible on the line. Itr even blew his till receipt away this was a bit of a pain because he always ikes to show me the receipt, not that I am worried about it. Just his way, bless him. We do have a thing that we do thought with the shopping where we scan all the purchases for a scanning company. We have done it for years and have built up a lot of points which you redeem in vouchers etc., Anyway he went back inside and got the girl at customer services to print out another so that was ok.
Tonight we are having:
Cottage pie..quorn one.
gravy with mushrooms for Vin

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