Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Well I Think Summer Has Gone!!

Yes definitely gone.At least it certainly feels like it today. very wet outsideand pouring down this morning..but..it has cleared up a bit now as  I type this.
I was planning to go out for some veggies etc., this morning but Vin didn't seem too keen, so mind changed. Doesn't matter. He whizzed out to Waitrose this morning to get the veg. they do have nice veg there, and it is easy to get to. I stopped here and had a bit of a go on the puter, there were a few things I wanted to look up so did that. 
He got home very quickly actually, with everything on the list, and we then had our nice coffees from the T.  Wonder if Jane is still enjoying hers, I would imagine so.She sounded quite pleased on the phone yesterday, because she has found a nice little number for her options next term, so is a bit chuffed. That's good. 
One thing I wanted to do today was to order a new debit card from my bank so Vin helped me do that after coffee. Once you have found the number it wasn't too bad to arrange. It is a terrible faff re-doing all of the card details on the different sites, and some of them need doing quite quickly now. There is one site I use where you can buy things on easy pay over three months, and they won't accept my card at the moment because it would expire before the payments had been finished. So, I can get that sorted now. They are going to send my new card within three to five days. Done! Very nice chap on the phone too I might add.
Tonight we are going to have:
Escalopes with mozzarella 
Baby new potatoes sliced and fried.
Mixed vegetables.

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