Friday, 3 October 2014

Is it Friday?

Can't believe it is friday again already. These weekends come round with monotonous regularity. Really your lives are spent in little routines. you have one when you are at work, and another when you have finished work.Get up, breakfast, do something, morning coffees, do something more, lunch, watch something, a bit of computing and afternoon coffees with Countdown. Watch the news, teatime ,watch evening things then bed. There...isn't that exciting?We do have a laugh though vin and me, and there is little Rusty to tend to during the day. 
Vin is presently in the garden looking at the bench that we bought last year, working out the best way to cover it up for the bad weather. I don't think that we will be using it much more this Autumn now, but he remains optomistic.
Vin went off to Tesco this morning. he had a list of things to get, which didn't include pizzaq and salads stuffs. We are going to give them a break for a bit, see if it is the pizza etc., that is affecting my digestin. So, the plan is to have some different things this weekend especially Sunday nights.
Tonight we are having:
Vin is having some little potatoes sliced and fried.
Maybe sausaqge rolls and beans,
I think I will have a baked potato..nice and simple.

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