Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Lovely Autumn Day..

It is a beautiful Autumn day today. The sun was shining and very bright. 
I wish we were here though. new England in the Fall. Absolutely gorgeous photo opportunities at every turn. this was the sight that greeted us just around the corner from the hotel where we were staying. Just unbelievable. Pumpkins everywhere.   Nothing like that round here though. 
We went off to Dobbies this morning for a bit of a mooch and our free coffees. had a look at the decorations and got myself covered in glitter from somewhere.. but didn't see any that I liked. Vin was looking for a diary but didn't see any that he wanted either. Then we went for our coffees. I asked for an Americano but the girl did a large latte instead!! and Vin had a flat white in a small cup. So, he didn't have the heart to point out to the girl that it should have been an Americano so what we ended up doing was swapping cups. i had his flat white and he had my large latte. very nice too. It was really busy, far busier than normal, probably the half term effect, lots of grans and grandads with kids, and mums with buggies. Still room to move though.
We had a look round the food hall, and noticed they had a favourite chutney back in stock so we got two of those. One for the cupboard and one for the box upstairs where we keep things for special occasions etc., like Christmas. 
Tonight we are having:
Escalopes from the freezer,
Baby new potatoes squashed and boiled
Carrots beans and broccoli
Sauce maybe hollandaise.

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