Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bit of a Rough Few Days...lse

You get them. Good days and bad days. I have had a not very good couple of days really. Started on Monday with what was looming up to be a blocking, makes you feel uncomfortable and veery tight round the middle. Ended up in bed yesterday mainly because it was too uncomfortable to move much.  It is a matter of waiting for it to clear, but vin rang the nurse at Aintree in the afternoon for some advice and she had a word with the consultant next door who booked me in for an x-ray today. It did clear last night however, but since the x-ray was booked we went there this morning.
Poor Vin..he has been just wonderful. really wonderful. All i kept doing was saying I'm sorry which is totally stupid, but there isn't anything else to say really. He is so lovely and patient.
Went for the x-ray this morning. Still a bit wobbly but got there. Very nice dept, and had the tummy and ribs area done, and out quite quickly. Just over the half hour so had to pay the parking but never mind. £3 for an x-ray is quite cheap really. 
Home by half past one and we both had a hot hocolate from the machine which was nice actually. never had one of those and it wasn't too sweet.
Last night Vin had:
Half a cottage pie,
Some mixed vegetables.
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. We shall have to wait and see.

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