Monday, 6 October 2014

Funny Things Happen In Your Cupboards!!

Indeed they do.We have a cupboard over a work surface that has bits and bobs of condiments, marmalade etc., in it. Vin was looking for some black peppercorns and thought we had some in there. he did find a honey container that was leaking though so that led to a bit of a clear out, lo and behold..he came across a jar of horseradish sauce right at the back in a corner which has been there for seven years! The poor sauce had all congealed in the jar..and...the jar lid had completely rusted through. never ever seen that before. i have seen jars and cans blown but never seen a jar lid so rusted it disintegrated. It's amazing it didn't blow up really. We think it must have been bought in error for a jar of tartare sauce which we use, because it's by the same maker, and looks the same. We have cleaned the cupboard before so it must just have been pushed to the back without us looking at the sell by date!! That's our story anyway.
Jane's Tassimo machine arrived on Friday, she got a pack of Oreo drinks with it, and also went to Tesco to get some Latte drinks. She seems keen on it too. So that's a success.
Didn't go out today. It dawned very grey blowy and rainyish so didn't look promising. It has cleared up nicely now though, and the sun is shining.Did some clearing up in the extension, Vin washed some bits, and the cushions to the bench which it looks like is being put away for the time being until the sun comes out agin in the Spring. Definitely looking like Autumn now, looking out of the window in jane's room the trees that are over on "the plot" are colouring up nicely, I bet it loks lovely in New England right now. Dream on Jennifer...Deep sigh!
Tonight we are having:
No idea at all. With not having pizza last night we don't have tht to use up, so something from the freezer. 
It will be a wait and see tea.

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