Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lady gaga!!

Jane rang up quite late last night on her way homefrom seeing lady Gaga in the manchester Arena. She had got two free tickets with Ticketmaster one for her and a plus one so she took a friend with her.  She picked the friend up at her house and they went for a Bar burrito first which is a good start, then on to the venue.
Sounded like they had a really good time. She said they had great seats, worth about £110 and an excellent view of the stage which is a terrific bonus. I am so glad it all went well for her, she so deserved that treat, she works so hard. She said it didn't cost her much because she had a voucher for a bogof at Bar burrito  and a coke when they got there and she bought a t-shirt on the way out for half price so they did well. XXXXWell done Janey, you deserve that.

Today is a bit rainy and dull and still quite cold although the wind has dropped now a lot. vin brushed some of the leaves from the front, and then it started raining so he has done things inside. We ordered some new vacuum cleaner bits for the panasonic one which needed a new handle off Amazon so that should come early next week.In fact I have just looked at an email from them to say it has been sent already so that was quick.  
Tonight we are having:
Something from the freezer,
potato croquettes
A few mixed veggies,
sauce of some kind./

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