Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Today was arranged around the appointment for the podiatry clinic. That was for two o'clock so we had a small coffee before went and didn't have lunch so we had a toastie when we came home. 
We got there early and parked up on level three and Vin went off to find a wheelchair because it is miles to walk.Off to podiatry and was seen pretty much straight away . Changed my antibiotics and thank goodness they are the capsule rather than the great big ones we were given last time. So Vin went off to take the prescription to the pharmacy and picked me up after that.  I had to go for a blood test before a renal appointment in March so he wheeled me up there. We expected  a queue but to our surprise there was no-one waiting!so did that immediately.  Great!!
Home then via the pharmacy where he went to pick up the tablets. 
Little Jessie was fast asleep in her basket, I don't think she had moved all the time we had been out.  She just loves that basket, plus it is next to Vin on the sofa which really makes her happy. 
Nothing on tomorrow so a nice quiet day for us I think, then out on Friday afternoon to the dressings clinic again.  Oh what a busy life we do lead.

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