Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Podiatry Day...

Today is the day for podiatry clinic. So what we do today revolves around that really. We get up earlyish and get breakfasted early so we can have our lunch on time to go there. 
We left home at around a quarter past one and got to Aintree about twenty to two. We usually use the drop off point at the back of the clinic itself but it seemed they were doing some work there because there was all sorts of heavy macjinery. So Vin decided to go straight to the multi-storey car park. Bad news, there was quite a lot of cars waiting to go in so we had to wait, and that meant it was full. However we did get a space on level 2 and Vin went for a chair to push me down to the clinic. Very quick in there she was a very efficient girl and got on with the job without a lot of conversation.  Might be getting measured for shoes soon.
Very sad news from the forum that I use which is attached to the Delia Smith site but a closed one with only a few members. One of the girls from Australia died this morning, from cancer which she had been fighting for such a long time. So brave and smiley and everybody loved her.  R.I.P. Bronwyn. 

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