Monday, 13 February 2017


Not a particularly nice day today so we had decided to stop in. Vin had some sorting out to do and I had a good browse on the computer. So we have all had a quiet day today including the caat.  Nice Americano for twelvses and Vin had one with a milk pod. I had mine black just for a change, I've had a lot of "milky" coffees lately, and thought I would get back to basics again. 
Will probably go out tomorrow somewhere, and have an appointment at Aintree on Wednesday so that is the week sorted. 
Jane rang up last night, she was on her way to work on nights and would get back when the shift finished at eight.  Saw a little rhyme on the web today the Mondays child etc., and it said Saturday's child works hard for a living. She certainly does that alright. 
Her shifts are terrible, I have no idea how she keeps on top of them. Well done Jane. XXX
Short and sweet today, not a lot doing really. Weather a bit brighter but still quite cold. 

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