Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Last One!

After months and months of treatment from the District nurses who are based at Thornton, they have finally put me on to treatment rooms. This is because I am now able to walk/hobble to the required clinic. So, I am off to Netherton next week instead of the girls coming to me here. The advantage of that is that you are given a timed appointment so you know when to go, as against waiting in all day sometimes for the nurses to come here.  I do have to say here the girls from Thornton have been wonderful, never had a cross one, they have always been efficient , friendly and lovely. Thankyou girls.
Very cold today so we stayed in, anyway we were waiting for the nurses so were tied in. Tomorrow the electric are coming to put a new meter in so we will be in then as well. No big outings this week for us apart from the podiatry clinic on Wednesday. Pretty much the same next week but we will have some free time to ourselves.

There was an item on the Jeremy Vine show about the number of people who are injured/killed each year falling down the stairs. Do you think our Jess is trying to tell me something!  You do have to watch where you tread because she does this quite often. 

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