Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Flipping Internet!!!

Tried to get on the computer yesterday but nothing! not a peep of anything. Pain in the neck when they don't work. Vin eventually fixed it but didn't have time to get any thing done on it.
Never mind, these things happen. Went to the podiatry clinic yesterday and saaw the Dr. and Jo who did my feet. The left one is improving and just needed re-dressing, the right one that was operated on has healed up beautifully, and now just needs a sock on and waiting for a shoe to be fitted, an appointment for that has been made for March the something so strides being made in that area. 
Off antibiotics thank goodness, they have been horrible,very large tablets and even broken in half they have been hard to swallow. Still they appear to be doing their job so can't complain. Lovely quick appointment too we were out by a quarter to three which is good going for there. 
Jane rang up last night on her way home. She has been off for four days but spent much of that in bed with her cold and cough. "Queen Jane!" :) 
Didn't go out today, Vin did the bedding and got that in the machines to wash and dry,and made some phone calls. I needed a form for blood tests before my renal appointment before I go to that.  Also the District nurses rang to inquire about me going to one of their treatmant centres to get the dressings changed, instead of them coming to me. she rang back to say she had an appointment at Netherton for Thursday next week but Vin noticed that was the day after I had been to the podiatry, so he contacted the clinic to rearrange that one to the following Monday. That is much better  thing is at least you know the times, syou can plan round that. When you are waiting for the nurses you never know what time they are coming and you can be waiting in all day. It has to be said though they have been wonderful and I shall in a way miss them all. 
The gas man came today to read the meter, and Vin reckons the bill will be £6.99. They aint going to make much money out of us are they. :) Only downside of that was the doorbell went and little Jess ran off upstairs. She is presently fast asleep on Jane's bed looking really peaceful. 

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