Friday, 24 February 2017


Today I had an extra appointment at the dressings clinic because the girl at the podiatry clinic on Wednesday didn't want it to be left till next week. So Vin rang up Netherton and got one for today at 1.15. That was the day then, by the time we had got up, breakfasted dressed and did some bits and bobs it was time for our coffee. The plan was to have that, then go there and have our lunch when we got back. 
Beautiful bright sunny day, so much s it was a case of putting sunglasses on or be dazzled. Got there on time and you generally don't have to wait long so was seen within a few minutes. Very nice girls too, two of them one regular and one must have been a trainee one although she wasn't young. Did the foot quickly and efficiently  and we were out by two. 
Vin left me in the car and he went over the road to the Iceland shop to get a few things. Jane had said they had a very nice Pizza Express goat's cheese pizza with pesto and tomatoes for a pound so he got two of those, also quite a few other things and he said he only spent about eight pounds or so.   Home for a quick lunch then a bit of computing for me and Vin did his jobs downstairs.
Little Jessie has been playing a bit today so when we went out she got into her basket then stopped there till we came home then she was all over her daddy!. He let her outside this morning in the sunshine, and she had a bit of a mooch in the garden, but came in after a few minutes out there, I think probably because he wasn't out there.

Postman Pat is coming for you Jess!

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