Friday, 3 February 2017

Car Wash baby...

Busy morning this morning actually. I had an appointment with the Dr over the way at the surgery, it was just for a review of the medicines. Vin has been putting it off for me since October and the prescriptions have been highlighted  lately so couldn't any longer. Went to see a Dr Porter who was lovely, one of the few regular ones over there. Took my blood pressure which was fine, and Okayed the prescriptions so that was it. 
+Since we were all dressed up we had decided to go to Tesco for a Costa, and get any little bits we needed. Quite busy but we got a table in the corner which was nice. We both had lattes medium, and shared a half a bag of little shortbreads. Vin used his Costa card which had been bought with our Lottery winnings. (not much there I might add!) Had a lovely coffee there and Vin went off leaving me at the table with The Liverpool Echo while he went to get something for our lunches/teas. 
After collecting me and returning the wheels I suggested that he got his car washed because we were quite early. We were in a bit of a queue but that didn't matter since we aren't exactly pushed for time :) Very efficient machine I must say, got our car looking spruced up again.
Home to two letters , we don't seem to get much post these days, no letters any more. However one was from Medi-cash with a receipt for £25 which has gone into my bank account. I told Vin to get another Costa card for that amount and we can get the benefit from that through the year.  So, bit of a bonus to come home to. 
Little Jess woke up when we came home. Don't think she had moved from her basket all of the time we were out!
Had a nice parcel  delivery this morning of three jars of Beanies coffee all flavoured ones. Vanilla, hazelnut and gingerbread with a mug. Sent by the lovely Jane. Thankyou Jane. XXX

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