Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day..

Out and about today, and off to Dobbies for our free coffees for the month of Feb. Had a few things to get anyway so needed to go.  Certainly not as blowy and cold as it was the last time we went which was the end of January when it was freezing cold. 
They have been rearranging things in there and moved a lot of stuff around. So you have to search a bit for the things we like. The food hall is much the same however, and we know what to look for in there, we head straight for the reduced section, cheapskates that we are :)  and spotted a couple af things we would go back for.  A quick mooch round and then off for coffees. Fairly busy in there but it is half term so lots of grans and grandads and kids and mums with children having lunches. Not noisy though it is quite pleasant in there. Plenty of space for them to run round.
Little Jessie was up with the lark this morning, Vin said he got up to go to the bathroom at 6-15 and she appeared at the top of the stairs miaowing. He said it's too early darling and went back to bed! and went to sleep again, then got up later to feed her at a better time and get our bed coffee which wakes us up! 
She lies full stretch on the landing waiting to trip you up! 

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