Monday, 20 February 2017

Out and About!

Up early this morning because I had a dressings appointment at Netherton clinic at 10.00.  The good thing about going there is that you know the time instead of waiting sometimes for the District nurses to come. Mind you they were wonderful when they came. 
So it was get going quite quickly and off there. The sun was shining when we woke up, but it was beginning to cloud over, and now later afternoon it is very rainy and grey and not a nice evening at all. 
The nurse at Netherton was efficient and capable and quite quick as well, so we were out in about half an hour.  We took ourselves off to M&S in Aintree.  It is ages since we have been there and it has changed a lot actually. There is now a big new Next store next to M&S and that has a Costa inside. So next time we go there we might try that instead.  The coffees we had in Marks were nice though, we both had Lattes. You pay for them though!
Little Jessie we left in her basket with the radio on for company, so she hears some noise.

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