Friday, 24 February 2017


Today I had an extra appointment at the dressings clinic because the girl at the podiatry clinic on Wednesday didn't want it to be left till next week. So Vin rang up Netherton and got one for today at 1.15. That was the day then, by the time we had got up, breakfasted dressed and did some bits and bobs it was time for our coffee. The plan was to have that, then go there and have our lunch when we got back. 
Beautiful bright sunny day, so much s it was a case of putting sunglasses on or be dazzled. Got there on time and you generally don't have to wait long so was seen within a few minutes. Very nice girls too, two of them one regular and one must have been a trainee one although she wasn't young. Did the foot quickly and efficiently  and we were out by two. 
Vin left me in the car and he went over the road to the Iceland shop to get a few things. Jane had said they had a very nice Pizza Express goat's cheese pizza with pesto and tomatoes for a pound so he got two of those, also quite a few other things and he said he only spent about eight pounds or so.   Home for a quick lunch then a bit of computing for me and Vin did his jobs downstairs.
Little Jessie has been playing a bit today so when we went out she got into her basket then stopped there till we came home then she was all over her daddy!. He let her outside this morning in the sunshine, and she had a bit of a mooch in the garden, but came in after a few minutes out there, I think probably because he wasn't out there.

Postman Pat is coming for you Jess!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Storm Doris,

We were expecting storm Doris to hit us today, which it did this morning. Very heavy winds and pouring with rain. Altogether a horrible day but since we weren't going out anywhere it didn't matter too much. It was a day for hunkering down anyhow.  It has brightened up now, late afternoon and the sun is shining through the clouds.
Even little Jessie didn't bother going out today, too blowy for her really. Don't blame her.
 This is lovely Jane and our Jess, at Christmas when she was home,Great hairstyle. Jane I mean. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Today was arranged around the appointment for the podiatry clinic. That was for two o'clock so we had a small coffee before went and didn't have lunch so we had a toastie when we came home. 
We got there early and parked up on level three and Vin went off to find a wheelchair because it is miles to walk.Off to podiatry and was seen pretty much straight away . Changed my antibiotics and thank goodness they are the capsule rather than the great big ones we were given last time. So Vin went off to take the prescription to the pharmacy and picked me up after that.  I had to go for a blood test before a renal appointment in March so he wheeled me up there. We expected  a queue but to our surprise there was no-one waiting!so did that immediately.  Great!!
Home then via the pharmacy where he went to pick up the tablets. 
Little Jessie was fast asleep in her basket, I don't think she had moved all the time we had been out.  She just loves that basket, plus it is next to Vin on the sofa which really makes her happy. 
Nothing on tomorrow so a nice quiet day for us I think, then out on Friday afternoon to the dressings clinic again.  Oh what a busy life we do lead.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Waiting in today for a delivery from Bullens with my health care products. No knowing what time they come, sometimes early morning, the last time it was four o'clock. It is now four thirty and no sign. 
Otherwise not much doing today, very quiet. Little Jessie is enjoying our company I think. We have had her twelve weeks now so is used to us and our routines now.
 think she is hiding from him!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Out and About!

Up early this morning because I had a dressings appointment at Netherton clinic at 10.00.  The good thing about going there is that you know the time instead of waiting sometimes for the District nurses to come. Mind you they were wonderful when they came. 
So it was get going quite quickly and off there. The sun was shining when we woke up, but it was beginning to cloud over, and now later afternoon it is very rainy and grey and not a nice evening at all. 
The nurse at Netherton was efficient and capable and quite quick as well, so we were out in about half an hour.  We took ourselves off to M&S in Aintree.  It is ages since we have been there and it has changed a lot actually. There is now a big new Next store next to M&S and that has a Costa inside. So next time we go there we might try that instead.  The coffees we had in Marks were nice though, we both had Lattes. You pay for them though!
Little Jessie we left in her basket with the radio on for company, so she hears some noise.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Bits and Bobs..

Short and sweet today, nothing much happening. No post much and no phone calls apart from our Jane who rang up at lunchtime on her way to work, she is on a two till ten today so will probably ring up on her way home to see what the cat has done. Not a lot actually, she did poke her body outside briefly but soon ran back insidee. That happened yesterday too because she heard some seagulls squaking overhead. :) 
Bit of a grey day today but Vin did say it was a bit milder and the bulbs are beginning to show their little heads above the soil. Hope it won't be too long baefore the daffs are out, I love the Spring flowers, they are such a splash of colour after the dull grey Winter, although it has to be said we have had a very mid Winter, no snow here at all and only a bit of frost really. 
We buy the little tiny ones, tete-a tete usually which are just a bit bigger than the pot or barrel.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Nothing much doing here today. We did go out yesterday so didn't today. Well it is half term so we tend not to bother so much. 
Vin went off to Formby this morning to see about two new tyres for his car, they didn't have any in stock so he needs to order them which he will do when he is ready. He also went to Tesco to get some cat things, food and litter, she aint cheap this Jessie!! Then he went for petrol which I always buy , well the car is used an awful lot for taking me to appointments, so that's fair.
Lovely Brie and cranberry toastie for lunch and sausage rolls for tea..the meatless variety of course. 
Vin has just come up to tell me we have won on the lottery!! On Saturday we got a lucky dip with two numbers, so he opted for last night, and on that lucky dip we had three numbers which has netted him £25, About time too!!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day..

Out and about today, and off to Dobbies for our free coffees for the month of Feb. Had a few things to get anyway so needed to go.  Certainly not as blowy and cold as it was the last time we went which was the end of January when it was freezing cold. 
They have been rearranging things in there and moved a lot of stuff around. So you have to search a bit for the things we like. The food hall is much the same however, and we know what to look for in there, we head straight for the reduced section, cheapskates that we are :)  and spotted a couple af things we would go back for.  A quick mooch round and then off for coffees. Fairly busy in there but it is half term so lots of grans and grandads and kids and mums with children having lunches. Not noisy though it is quite pleasant in there. Plenty of space for them to run round.
Little Jessie was up with the lark this morning, Vin said he got up to go to the bathroom at 6-15 and she appeared at the top of the stairs miaowing. He said it's too early darling and went back to bed! and went to sleep again, then got up later to feed her at a better time and get our bed coffee which wakes us up! 
She lies full stretch on the landing waiting to trip you up! 

Monday, 13 February 2017


Not a particularly nice day today so we had decided to stop in. Vin had some sorting out to do and I had a good browse on the computer. So we have all had a quiet day today including the caat.  Nice Americano for twelvses and Vin had one with a milk pod. I had mine black just for a change, I've had a lot of "milky" coffees lately, and thought I would get back to basics again. 
Will probably go out tomorrow somewhere, and have an appointment at Aintree on Wednesday so that is the week sorted. 
Jane rang up last night, she was on her way to work on nights and would get back when the shift finished at eight.  Saw a little rhyme on the web today the Mondays child etc., and it said Saturday's child works hard for a living. She certainly does that alright. 
Her shifts are terrible, I have no idea how she keeps on top of them. Well done Jane. XXX
Short and sweet today, not a lot doing really. Weather a bit brighter but still quite cold. 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Last One!

After months and months of treatment from the District nurses who are based at Thornton, they have finally put me on to treatment rooms. This is because I am now able to walk/hobble to the required clinic. So, I am off to Netherton next week instead of the girls coming to me here. The advantage of that is that you are given a timed appointment so you know when to go, as against waiting in all day sometimes for the nurses to come here.  I do have to say here the girls from Thornton have been wonderful, never had a cross one, they have always been efficient , friendly and lovely. Thankyou girls.
Very cold today so we stayed in, anyway we were waiting for the nurses so were tied in. Tomorrow the electric are coming to put a new meter in so we will be in then as well. No big outings this week for us apart from the podiatry clinic on Wednesday. Pretty much the same next week but we will have some free time to ourselves.

There was an item on the Jeremy Vine show about the number of people who are injured/killed each year falling down the stairs. Do you think our Jess is trying to tell me something!  You do have to watch where you tread because she does this quite often. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Flipping Internet!!!

Tried to get on the computer yesterday but nothing! not a peep of anything. Pain in the neck when they don't work. Vin eventually fixed it but didn't have time to get any thing done on it.
Never mind, these things happen. Went to the podiatry clinic yesterday and saaw the Dr. and Jo who did my feet. The left one is improving and just needed re-dressing, the right one that was operated on has healed up beautifully, and now just needs a sock on and waiting for a shoe to be fitted, an appointment for that has been made for March the something so strides being made in that area. 
Off antibiotics thank goodness, they have been horrible,very large tablets and even broken in half they have been hard to swallow. Still they appear to be doing their job so can't complain. Lovely quick appointment too we were out by a quarter to three which is good going for there. 
Jane rang up last night on her way home. She has been off for four days but spent much of that in bed with her cold and cough. "Queen Jane!" :) 
Didn't go out today, Vin did the bedding and got that in the machines to wash and dry,and made some phone calls. I needed a form for blood tests before my renal appointment before I go to that.  Also the District nurses rang to inquire about me going to one of their treatmant centres to get the dressings changed, instead of them coming to me. she rang back to say she had an appointment at Netherton for Thursday next week but Vin noticed that was the day after I had been to the podiatry, so he contacted the clinic to rearrange that one to the following Monday. That is much better  thing is at least you know the times, syou can plan round that. When you are waiting for the nurses you never know what time they are coming and you can be waiting in all day. It has to be said though they have been wonderful and I shall in a way miss them all. 
The gas man came today to read the meter, and Vin reckons the bill will be £6.99. They aint going to make much money out of us are they. :) Only downside of that was the doorbell went and little Jess ran off upstairs. She is presently fast asleep on Jane's bed looking really peaceful. 

Friday, 3 February 2017

Car Wash baby...

Busy morning this morning actually. I had an appointment with the Dr over the way at the surgery, it was just for a review of the medicines. Vin has been putting it off for me since October and the prescriptions have been highlighted  lately so couldn't any longer. Went to see a Dr Porter who was lovely, one of the few regular ones over there. Took my blood pressure which was fine, and Okayed the prescriptions so that was it. 
+Since we were all dressed up we had decided to go to Tesco for a Costa, and get any little bits we needed. Quite busy but we got a table in the corner which was nice. We both had lattes medium, and shared a half a bag of little shortbreads. Vin used his Costa card which had been bought with our Lottery winnings. (not much there I might add!) Had a lovely coffee there and Vin went off leaving me at the table with The Liverpool Echo while he went to get something for our lunches/teas. 
After collecting me and returning the wheels I suggested that he got his car washed because we were quite early. We were in a bit of a queue but that didn't matter since we aren't exactly pushed for time :) Very efficient machine I must say, got our car looking spruced up again.
Home to two letters , we don't seem to get much post these days, no letters any more. However one was from Medi-cash with a receipt for £25 which has gone into my bank account. I told Vin to get another Costa card for that amount and we can get the benefit from that through the year.  So, bit of a bonus to come home to. 
Little Jess woke up when we came home. Don't think she had moved from her basket all of the time we were out!
Had a nice parcel  delivery this morning of three jars of Beanies coffee all flavoured ones. Vanilla, hazelnut and gingerbread with a mug. Sent by the lovely Jane. Thankyou Jane. XXX

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Losing so Many!

Today we learn that Desmond Carrington has died. This comes after Bronwyn's passing yesterday. What a week! 
Vin and I used to always listen to Desmond on Radio 2s "Music goes round" on a Friday night and had done for countless years. We used to record it and listen in peace and quiet on a Sunday. He always played the unusual and a bit quirky records and always worth listening to. 36 years he produced this programme for with the probably invaluable help of Dave Aylott. Plus of course his references to Golden Paws cat who he mentioned at the end of every programme.  A lovely man who has had many many friends on the Radio two family. 
Thursday we stayed in and  mooched about a bit. We didn't have any appointments so stopped in and made the most of the house and the cat too. She is at the moment in her basket downstairs which she absolutely loves. Vin trimmed her claws yesterday so she doesn't catch on the edge of the basket or the carpet which she has been doing.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Podiatry Day...

Today is the day for podiatry clinic. So what we do today revolves around that really. We get up earlyish and get breakfasted early so we can have our lunch on time to go there. 
We left home at around a quarter past one and got to Aintree about twenty to two. We usually use the drop off point at the back of the clinic itself but it seemed they were doing some work there because there was all sorts of heavy macjinery. So Vin decided to go straight to the multi-storey car park. Bad news, there was quite a lot of cars waiting to go in so we had to wait, and that meant it was full. However we did get a space on level 2 and Vin went for a chair to push me down to the clinic. Very quick in there she was a very efficient girl and got on with the job without a lot of conversation.  Might be getting measured for shoes soon.
Very sad news from the forum that I use which is attached to the Delia Smith site but a closed one with only a few members. One of the girls from Australia died this morning, from cancer which she had been fighting for such a long time. So brave and smiley and everybody loved her.  R.I.P. Bronwyn.