Thursday, 31 July 2014

In and Out...

Since we were out yesterday we were in today. Vin wanted to have a go at the garden shed, it is grey bin tomorrow so a bit of a chance to get rid of some rubbihy bits and bobs. 
he had a good go at that and got some stuff redone in there, we just about had our morning coffee outside but it was very overcast, and looked like rain. So he got back to work. Finished off for lunch which he hurried u a bit because it really looked like rain. Then....he just about got the stuff back in the shed and.... the sun came out! typical...It is really quite warm now. What freaky weather we do have in this country.
I did a bit of ironing and bought a book on the computer! I had been watching the new J.K.Rowling book "The Silkworm" for ages, but it was £6.99 on Amazon. Anyway I looked this morning and it was down to £1,99. So I snapped that up. What a bargain, and I do love a bargain.
Tonight we are having:
Maybe lamb grills with gravy
Boiled new potatoes
Carrots and broccoli.

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