Friday, 7 November 2014

A Rainy Appointment...

Pouring down this morning, and I had an appointment with a Diabetic nurse at the Diabetic centre in Aintree. this was at five to twelve so getting up at our usual time was just about ready for getting there on time..allowing me my usual long time for getting my gear on etc.,Horrible weather this morning, really raining, it is such a good job that Vin's new car has great windscreen wipers :)
Got to Aintree dead on time and he dropped me off at the clinic while he went off to park the car in the multi-storey. I went to reception gave my details in and sat down to wait. Obnly about five mins later the nursey came and called me in. good start. A lot of a waste iof time though because she didn't go over anything i didn't know, just said that they were pleased with my progress, and keep on doing what I was doing. out in about ten mins!!!! Vin went off to get the car, and because we were under the half hour it was free!! good start. 
We were going to come home after the appointmenmt, but because we were out so early we decided to go to M&S anyway as we were planning to do. This time for a coffee because we were early enough. had a lovely long coffee, i an Americano and Vin a latte. One of them was free because we had a full stamped card. good start. :)
Picked up another hand towel that I wanted and went down to the food hall. vin had to go via the front door because on the way down a lady told him that he had a ladybird on his coat, Aaah! so he went off to put it outside on a bush. Bless him. They are supposed to be lucky aren't they. He could do with a bit of luck my Vin XXXX
Food hall next, very busy and we were getting pressed for time so went round quickly and got what we wanted. saw a couple of nice things for Christmas though so got those.  out and home by about a quarter to two. Turned out quite well this morning then.
Tonight we are having:
Crispy Quorn fillets
Chips 200 grms
Tartare sauce
Any veg that we have left over and something saucey and tomatoey.

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