Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Amazon!!Tonight we are having:

We didn't go out today, mainly because we stopped in to receive a parcel from Amazon. It was a DVD that I had ordered for John and Ann for Christmas of the latest series of Downton Abbey. It was delivered yesterday but we were out so they sent a message to say it would be delivered today. At any rate it did come but the courier gave it to a workman who was working at another house along the road. good job he was honest!
So, I finished off my letter to them so it could go in their parcel, and Vin got a good big envelope from the P.O. for everything to go into. Ge5t them wrapped and that will be done. 
Being at home today really makes you miss the little cats. the house is terribly quiet, and I still find myself looking down so that I don't walk into one or other of them. Very weird. Mind you she was here for so long that we are bound to miss them, still can't believe that they have both gone. What a shame.Escalope 
potato croquettes
Cottage pie with carrots

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