Monday, 3 November 2014


Monday morning. We have had Halloween on friday, no callers again this year which was good, and fireworks on saturday evening over at the hotel. They were quite loud but didn't seem to bother rusty, but Vin says she can't hear as well these days so maybe she just didn't hear them.Anyway she was ok. it is actually bonfire night on Wednesday so we shall see what happens then, but they were the big ones over there.
nice morning to wake up to, although at the time of typing this it is raining. did a washing load this morning which Vin hung out and had to run out and get them in when he noticed that it was raining just after lunch. We weren't going anywhere today, so i had a lovely shower this morning, i must say that the new shower is really good, looks great too. Beautiful chrome which matches the new light fitting. The bathroom is looking quite good these days. it's surprising just what a difference a few alterations make actually, vin bought a new door handle for the back door on Sunday in Crosby, and fitted that. it now works perfectly and the door coses properly. So much better. Well done Mr4 Fixit!!
Tonight we are having:
pizza with a side salad for Vin.

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